When people say that sex is everywhere, they’re not lying. From the way you feel about yourself, how good you’re sleeping, to even your body image, sex and sensuality affects your life in a big way.

To give a bit of perspective on the importance of intimacy, we’ve scoured a number of sources to paint a wide-ranging picture of pleasure, and why we all should be making a little more room for lovemaking.

Stay Connected

Oxy-what? It’s all about oxytocin, a powerful hormone released during arousal and orgasm that acts as a pain reliever, stress decreaser, and strongly influences pair bonding.
Studies have shown that people who share frequent contact with the one they are connected to in the form of kissing, hugging or holding hands are better able to deal with stress and have lower blood pressure than those who don’t. And what’s more, it only takes a mere 20 seconds of this intimate contact for oxytocin to start working its stress-relieving magic.
Oxytocin and love are linked, and this bonding hormone plays no small part in couples’ feeling closer together; the pair bonding effect is long-lasting and can be maintained through sex and the aforementioned intimate contact.
Consider this, if you will;
Six months of couples’ therapy: average cost $2,000
Total spent on divorce annually in the U.S.: $28 billion
Cost of personal massagers INA 2, MONA 2 and ELISE 2: much, much cheaper – and they come with 10 years’ worth of warranties and guarantees!
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