How to choose what Dating platform to use?

Author Melina Macdonald, Win the Dating Game

I have never been of the belief that every man you meet is supposed to be ‘The One’. I believe they are all part of your journey. This journey covers the self-discovery of you, the different parts of your personality, wants, needs, desires, inhibitions, lessons needed to learn, and room for exploration.
Trust me when I say: “Every date is not supposed to be the guy you will spend the rest of your life with, or the man who is going to father your children.” When you listen to this advice and get a more relaxed attitude towards it, combined with following the exercise I advised you do about working out your ‘values,’ your entire dating world will change and in a good way. Men will start to be ‘drawn’ towards you. This relaxed attitude and self-confidence is one of the sexiest traits you can possess!
Before we jump into the list of different types of dating communities, I want to say another quick word about how we go about dating, but specifically when using an online service.
Unsuccessful women on these dating sites are unsuccessful because they are too invested in it and way too detailed in the information they post. Why? They put their ‘checklist’ on it. This is a massive NO NO! These topics or lists should be brought out slowly, as you are getting to know someone, not pre-first date. Trust me, when you do this, there will never be a first date!
Also, don’t feel you have to write a lot in your profile at all. Many women believe a guy needs to know a lot about them before he will contact them, and thus they tend to write a storybook. That’s not necessary. That’s what you do on a date. You’ve just wasted 17 dates in your ad! Let them warm up to your personality on a date instead of having this black and white list that makes them think you’re a nut-job. Perception on paper is different than in person.
If you’re one of these women, go and rewrite your profile now, OR you will become the cat woman!
Your list needs to ‘evolve’ with you as you change in your ageing and dating journey. Five years from now, if you don’t, the list will not have changed, it will have just grown longer, and you’ll still be unhappy and single.

“Why does every guy you meet have to be Mr Perfect?”

Ladies, you are missing out with this mentality. You are missing out on the growth and experience you get with every relationship and with some amazing men!
We are going to briefly cover different categories of matchmaking sites, agencies, apps and services available. I am making sure here that I will also discuss the downside.
These are the sites we will be investigating:

  • Online dating personals
  • Matchmaking sites
  • Adult dating sites
  • International dating
  • Social network
  • Mobile dating
  • Speed dating and blind dates
  • Dating for the married
  • Match making agencies
  • Catfishing
  • Romance scams
  • Male escorts

“Suitable for those into hook-ups and dating.”
The companies are removing the fraudsters, give good customer service and have designed these sites to give a bit of personal information, but not all. They are good for both hook-ups and finding that special someone.


“Designed for those serious about finding that special someone only”
 Matchmaking sites are designed for more of a long-term relationship.

  • perfect

“Hook-ups, erotic sex and exploration set the tone.”
Adult dating sites are for those who are a bit more adventurous and into erotic naughty time. This is NOT for anyone looking for love, but just hook-ups.


“More popular for men wanting a bride.”
 International dating sites have been on the rise but many are still dubious. This style is more popular with men looking for an Asian or Russian woman.


“This is like the old-fashioned offline way of meeting someone through friends, though on a larger scale.”
Most couples that connect and have successful relationships meet through mutual friends. Yes, there are many that meet online, but the odds are still against them. So why is this any different when you are meeting through a mutual social network?


“Great for those on the move and short of time.”
Mobile dating covers both the flirting via mobile sites, and via smart phone apps. Some apps are specifically designed to use only in this format.

  • Tinder
  • Happn
  • LinkedUp
  • Blendr

“A perfect way to learn how to communicate with the opposite sex if you’re shy or have been on few dates.”
Speed dating and blind dates aren’t for everyone!  If you want to break down your walls and be forced into allowing others into your personal space, this is for you!


“For those in a polygamous relationship or those who just want some infidelity.”
Dating sites for married people have been huge in the UK. Even though this is a controversial topic, we need to remember that not all couples have a monogamous relationship, preferring polygamy.


“Suited to professional women who are short on time but have the cash to invest in finding long-lasting love.”


“Perfect for those who need a companion for an occasion, are trying to ‘get back in the saddle’ after a long-term relationship, or just want to ‘get on the horse’ for the first time.”
Some women just want the company of a man, on her terms, and this is when the ‘male escorts’ can play a part. Perfect for those women that have come out of a long-term marriage, these escorts are the ideal first date.



“Vital information for all women to read and get educated about before dating online.”
 Reality is there is always a downside and scammers are always going to be around so here are some quick tips


 “Someone who pretends to be someone they’re not to pursue a deceptive online romance.”
Here are some RED FLAG tips:

  • The professional models: If anyone claims ro be a model, watch out.
  • Facebook profiles: If a person’s Facebook profile has fewer than 100 friends, and, more specifically, if there are photos of the person with other people but the other people aren’t tagged, be cautious.
  • Traumatic Injuries and/or Illness: We see car accidents, deaths in the family, and cancer a lot in catfish scams.
  • No pictures:: If people can’t immediately send you pictures of themselves in this day and age, then you should proceed with caution.
  • No webcam: If a person cannot get to a webcam after repeated requests and attempts, then this is an early potential warning sign that they are trying to avoid you seeing who they really are.


“These are commonly via phone or email. You have never met them and eventually they ask for your financial help.”
Here are some RED FLAG signs:

  • They try to get you off the dating site: They take you offline immediately and on to email or instant messenger. It’s so they don’t get caught on these dating sites, as the host sites monitor profiles and have a reporting function.
  • They say they are Australian but live overseas: They are typically saying they are in the following careers: engineer, doctor or herbal doctor, nurse, world health organisation officer, or in the military. They will groom you over a period of time, gaining your trust.
  • They may even say that their spouse has died, for example in a car accident: Straight away, you will feel that connection and want to look after them and make them feel that they are wonderful. They will do the exactly the same with you.
  • Photographs sent to you are of someone very good looking: To put it plain and simple, it is typically someone out of your league.
  • They are looking for someone who: Is divorced, so someone can nurture them. Has no children, or has adult children, as these women have more time on their hands. Doesn’t have a strong social network of friends, so typically comes from a small town, or is socially awkward.

If you haven’t met within a month:
If you haven’t physically met, due to 400 excuses, or haven’t seen this person live on a webcam, such as via Skype, this is probably a scammer.
“Never send money to anyone you haven’t met and even then be cautious! If you do, send it in a legal document.”
 Now I can only put so much in a blog post so ladies if you want more information with a ton of hints and tips on How to design your profile, the different kids of men we date, who they are, who is there perfect match, how they are in bed and how to dump the ones you don’t want then go on over to the link for my novel Win the Dating Game.
Melina xx
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