What society classified as ‘Masculinity’ or ‘Masculine energy’ is far from its real essence. Too often I see wounded ‘boys’ walking around in an adult body with suits & ties. Our society has place so much expectations on Men and how they are supposed to be, think or act…which takes away their inner freedom and full expression as human beings.

So today, it’s my privilege to interview Dave McDermott to talk about what Evolved Masculinity is and how Men can tap into these energies in a healthy, resourceful and sustainable way. We’ll explore different topics include:

  • Masculine energy vs. Feminine energy
  • How do men tap more into their core energy
  • What does being ‘Present’ mean?
  • What do men & women need most from each other…
  • & much more…


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24257503_10215218877729932_499787108_nDave McDermott

I’m a masculine empowerment coach who grew up with a bunch of sexual repression which, long story short, led to me being a virgin until I was almost 28. I was really messed up around sex and women. Through a lot of trial and error, frustration, and finally connecting with the right forms of support, I sorted things out and am happy to say now that I live a very purposeful life, am an amazing lover, and am deeply committed to the journey of understanding what women really want in the depths of their hearts.
I work with clients 1-1 and run retreats for men and women with my partner Helena. We take people through powerful intensive experiences focused on stepping into masculine and feminine power, exploring our sexual potential, and understanding how the opposite sex more deeply. www.davemcdermott.com.au/