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Secrets of What Men Crave

Women are writing hundreds of articles and calling out to Men of what they want them to be

  • Warriors
  • To Be Present
  • Bold
  • Fearless in ways they have never been

Yet we rarely talk about what Men Crave.
So here is the plea to Women of what Men Crave and John explains each point below in details.
Ladies you will be extremely surprised with what men actually desire 😉

  • Celebrate that we are ‘different’

  • We want less

  • We love range

  • Try to separate the tools that you use to succeed in business from the tools you use in our relationships

  • We want more of your fear, pain, vulnerability and your heart ache so we come be your hero

  • Find something in us everyday you trust implicitly

  • Surrender

  • Find ways to open and move your body

  • Slow down

  • Don’t settle for our bullshit

  • Love us with the same energy of when your angry

  • Train us and reward us

  • We are dying to love you well

  • Rinse & repeat what works for us

  • You have every right to be angry

  • We want to Create with you


With the overwhelming questions and feedback received from the video above, they recorded the video below to discuss these topics and more. Watch below to learn more.

Re-post from: JOHN WINELAND
Video credit: JOHN WINELAND

Welcome back to IntimacyTV, the perfect place to have raw conversations and real education.

This month’s theme is about Education. We’ll dive into the 4 levels of education, including Physical, Emotional, Sexual and Spiritual. Some of the articles that are included in this month’s magazine:

  • 10 top tips for successful dating
  • Let’s get it right about sex and pregnancy
  • 7 simple tips for positive body image
  • Walking the love map as a tantric body worker and guide
  • and many more…

As November & December approaching, we’ll be wrapping things up for 2017 and celebrating our successes as well as setbacks, to have deep gratitude for 2017 journey as well as preparing ourselves for a well deserved break.

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