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“The high-end hotel room is the perfect environment to support, create and foster romance. How that is done profitably, is the art and science melina has mastered.”
Ari Galper, CEO, Unlock The Game®
Melina Macdonald is every girl’s fairy godmother, and her
no-nonsense guide to dating and romance is every modern girl’s survival guide to relationships in the 21st century. No topic is “taboo” and this honest and heartfelt book is not your ordinary relationship book.
Dominique Musico – Businesswoman
Melina has written a witty and very honest book on her life experiences that we can all relate to. We have all had that disastrous previous relationship where we wish we had done things differently and we have all sat and day dreamed about the perfect man to date….. and Melina is correct, there is no perfect man, there is no perfect woman. We all have faults and life is about recognising this and keeping the expectations in check.

I thoroughly enjoyed Melina’s book, it’s funny and engaging and whilst reading I found myself smiling, nodding my head saying yes I can totally relate to that! I recommend this book as a must read to anyone who is dating, or even for those already in a relationship, as it will help to keep it real!

Leanne Sexton
A Compelling Read: This book took us on a journey of discovery through all the high’s and Low’s of Personal relationships, focusing on both the Male/Female psyche.  We found that any and every woman still looking for Mr Right should read this book to make sure they give themselves choices and knowledge of what they could be dealing with and what they really want. 
M & R Baker
I have known Mel Macdonald for 5 years and we first met as part of an entrepreneur’s group. Armed with her vision for dignifying and educating women and men on intimacy and sexual health, she instantly demanded one’s attention. Humorously, yet respectfully and tactfully, she goes where most don’t dare with normally sensitive and personal subjects with refreshing openness, reality and class. She convinces you that we are all the same inside. Her logical and positive communication style, and her outgoing nature put’s others at ease. This is a rare talent and they broke the mould after Mel was born. She doesn’t take the easy road and is prepared to back her beliefs and vision. 
Nathan Cooper CEO, Round-Up Group
Mel MacDonald is a sexuality powerhouse. With a heart as big as the knowledge she has on all things woman and sensuality, she is a force to be reckoned with. Sassy smarts like no other!
Phyllis Foundis
Mel is one of the most genuine and honest coaches I could recommend, from the moment I met her she got right down to the real stuff that matters, and my partner and I absolutely LOVE working with her, she’s a blast and full of energy, and most importantly her intentions are always in the right place, I wouldn’t hesitate recommending anyone to Mel, she’s such a beautiful soul.
Troy Wilson, Creative Together
Melina’s commitment to changing the landscape of the adult industry through education, innovation and quality products is a breath of fresh air.

Her passion towards helping individuals and couples reach a new level of intimacy within themselves and with each other is inspiring.

Linda Nelson – Author
Mel from … is great at educating women in a fun, open and safe environment. She is very professional and knowledgable in what she teaches. Melb is easy-going and makes the time to listen to her audiences needs and concerns. She is understanding and is passionate about what she does.
Chantal Togany, Personal Brand & Image Specialist, Empowered by Style
A relaxed, fun, no-holds-barred approach, as well as been highly informative, Mel injects the fun and excitement back into the adult product world for all who are lucky enough to experience her.
Kelly Millard

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Grab your FREE monthly magazine from IntimacyTV where we cover a range of hot, sensitive and taboo topics of Love, Sex, Dating & Relationships