Liquid Crystal Emergency Drops

//Liquid Crystal Emergency Drops

Liquid Crystal Emergency Drops



20ml Bottle

This remedy treats all manner of shock, pain and trauma. Perfect to take on a day of surgery to assist the body. It Calms, Cools and Heals.

Includes one 20ml Remedy Liquid Crystals (shipping within Australia. International Rates will apply)



Crystals Included:

1) Botswana Agate – Oxygenation, Breath, Perception and looking forward to a solution. Revitalizing

2) Hematite – Shock, Grounding, Body alignment, Any blood and bleeding.

3) Pearl – Trauma, Shock, Takes Emotional disorder and creates balance, Mothering, Calming, Peaceful, Alignment to guidance, Insures the learning of the lesson.

4) Dioptase – Heart stone cures all, Pain relief, Shock, Fear Removal.

5) Rhodonite – Patience, Panic, Grounding and Centering, Unconditional Love.

6) Turquoise – Calm, Peace, Cooling, Panic, Healing Tonic, Guidance.

7) Ruby – Instill s Courage. Allows Revitalization and is Stabilizing and Protective. Cools and Calms.




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