Q: I’ve met somebody and I really like them and asked them to get off all the dating apps and they said no. What do I do?
My best friend is happily married. She discovered that her husband has a thing for her used panties. She caught him sniffing her used panties when he was loading the washing machine. She asked him what he was doing to which he replied that he was just checking if the knickers were clean or dirty. On another occasion, she saw him masturbating with her used knickers. She did not interrupt him. Later she discovered semen stains on that pair of knickers. She did not confront him but she finds it creepy. I think that his behavior is weird. I was wondering if you have ever caught your men sniffing or masturbating with your used knickers?
A: Firstly you have to ask yourself why you need to ask him to remove them?
The issue is more about you then him.
The reality is just because the apps are on his phone doesn’t mean he is actually using them.
Even if the app is deleted off the phone the app account is still active as all dating apps need to be deleted from a desktop computer.
If he is into you the way you are into him whether they are on the phone or not he will have no desire to connect with anyone else.
So in saying that make yourself his every desire and he will never need to be asked to remove the app because…he will just want to!

Q: All my friends tell me I should have 1-2 years by myself after my long term relationship. How long should I wait?

Just curious. Is it usual to have sexual fantasies as a child?? I remember having some romantic fantasies in kindergarten and then some more advanced ones during primary school. I just enjoyed the sensations in my body, that these fantasies brought to me, never judged them or me being wrong or bad, even though I sought privacy when I felt like going into that fantasy world, but today I thought about it and began wondering, where do they come from??
I grew up in a relatively ordinary and happy home.
The fantasies have always had a strong element of power play. (They still do 😉 )
I am curious about the source.
A: There should be no time frame!
There is so such thing as time. We as humans have created time as a measurement however it doesn’t exist.
We are on earth to have relationships. With each journey you have you should be learning and growing. That is it’s purpose. So why would you stop yourself from learning and growing?
Being in a relationship should bring you joy (if it’s not I suggest you bail now) and that flows into EVERY part of your life. It makes work improve, home improve, friends improve, everything improves!! Who doesn’t want that??
If your someone that can’t spend time on your own however then this is a great opportunity to see what it feels like. If you’ve never been by yourself it can be a good time to reflect on what you learned from your previous relationship and grow.
Don’t stay there too long however as you will miss all the juicy stuff life had to offer
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