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I lay writing this piece with tears streaming down my face as I reflect on my Self Love journey.
The highs and lows, the ebbs and flows… oh what a journey it is.
Looking back Self Love honestly wasn’t in my vocabulary, realm, or life until more recently.
Growing up I truly never believed any part of me physically, sexually or emotionally was truly loved or accepted by anyone… and certainly not by me.
On my quest for Self Love I came across John of God and Dancing Eros, each transformed my Self Love journey almost instantaneously.
My heart was cracked open, clearing and shifting so much pain and anguish I was holding on to. Once the debris was cleared it allowed me to experience deep luscious Self Love.
I started seeing myself as the Divine Goddess I was.
I started to see the beauty in all parts of me.
I was finally able to accept my imperfections as divine perfections.
I was gifted true freedom and liberation… with Self Love being my remedy.
There are days where my Self Love starts to fade into the background and old patterns start to appear… oh what a beautiful reminder it is that my journey isn’t over yet… there is more to explore.
What a pleasure diving into the depths of my being in search for Self Love is… I cannot wait to find all the other treasures I will discover.

“Give yourself permission to fully embrace all parts of you… the ‘good’, the ‘bad’ and the ‘ugly’”

Gift yourself the freedom to breath in Self Love, filling all your cells to the brim with your own nourishing, sweet, delicious nectar.
Divine Beauty, you are prefect, perfect exactly the way you are.
Love and Light,
Ashleigh Jean Milliken
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Ashleigh was born with heightened intuitive abilities and since her trip to John of God in September 2017 her abilities have increased tenfold.
Her heart is deeply expansive and ever loving which paired with the Divinely Loving Entities of Love and Light pair so effortlessly creating a magical space of wonder and beauty.
Allow yourself the pleasure of a session with this Angelic Being and her divinely powerful Crystal Light Bed.
Instagram: @empower_you_
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