Every single woman in Australia who elects to undertake breast implantation automatically relinquishes her basic human rights:

  1. to determine what shall be done with her body
  2. to obtain an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment should she join the ever-increasing numbers of women who become very ill following breast implantation.

Australian Freedom of Information law denies every implanting surgeon in Australia access to manufacturer trade secrets and proprietary information. Implanting surgeons have no knowledge of the dangerous chemicals used in the manufacture of both silicone gel and saline implants with a silicone gel.
Australian surgeons who implant women with an unknown cocktail of dangerous chemicals cannot discharge their legal duty to take reasonable care.
Currently, every Australian surgeon undertakes breast implantation without their patients’ informed consent despite the fact that, in 1992, six High Court judges in Australia (Rogers v Whitaker) agreed that except in cases of emergency or necessity, all medical treatment is preceded by the patient’s choice to undergo it. The choice is meaningless unless it is made on the basis of relevant information and advice.
… ‘A medical practitioner has a duty to warn a patient of a material risk inherent in the proposed treatment; a risk is material if, in the circumstances of the particular case, a reasonable person in the patient’s position, if warned of the risk, would be likely to attach significance to it. … ’
How can surgeons in Australia possibly meet their legal duty to warn prospective breast implant recipients about the risks associated with breast implantation if they have absolutely no idea about what is contained in breast implants?
No Australian surgeon can attest to the safety of either silicone gel or saline implants with a silicone shell.




Barbara Stanistreet
Author of the Book The Boobie Trap


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