Ok so here I am at 1am with late night TV playing in the background while I work when I am distracted by a bunch of guys singing a very catchy tune.
“I’m looking for someone other then my wife.
Other then my wife.
Other then my wi..i..ife”
I look up to see an advert for a male adult site. It makes me stop and laugh as all week all I have heard is people outraged about the release of the Fifty Shades Movie but not once have I heard a peep about the continual adverts for a blatant husband cheating website now available right here in Australia.
That’s right, for those who didn’t know, Ashley Madison is a UK company that has successfully helped thousands of men find prospective women to have a rendezvous with and no this is not with their wives.
Now Fifty Shades of Grey has been released and various groups within communities have been up in arms. Not only have these groups successfully shut down fundraisers and schools who had links to the title of the movie, such as in Waubra over the weekend, but also they have also tirelessly campaigned to shut down the release of the movie so it will not be viewed in Australia at all.
Now someone please explain to me how a movie and novel that explores a couples sexuality can be worse then a site that daily assists men to CHEAT?
As we all know media hype dies down fast and the next thing will replace it but this site isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.
On a personal level due to my education and industry job, I have an understanding of both BDSM and male cheating topics and don’t have an issue with either. My beef is with the skewed perspectives of the Australian public let alone their obvious ignorance and un-education.
So how about everybody calm down and realise that this Fifty Shades of Grey is just a fiction movie and Ashley Madison website that is advertised under our nose everyday is real life!
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melina Melina Macdonald
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Melina has created Australia’s first complete boxset of ‘Intimacy’ products providing a full sensory experience. To complete the experience, Taboo Intimacy assists you with scenarios, education and play cards to keep the joy happening.
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