Let’s face it, for those of us who are The Last Single Gals/Guys Standing again this year, it can be a little bit challenging. As much as we tell ourselves it doesn’t matter; we are powerful and highly independent individuals, we don’t need someone to make us happy, we are so used to having the entire bed to ourselves and not have to live the bullshit fairy-tale ending.  Yet the closer it gets to Valentine’s Day, the promotions and holiday getaway deals for all the loved up couples are in our face, we can start to sit in our shit and admit that it is actually affecting us.
If you are like me, someone who has been so busy focusing on your career, giving so much of yourself and supporting everyone around you; putting your needs last and generally been happy being single all year; this is the time when it you start to notice that ‘Hey life is so short and I don’t want this single life for myself anymore.’ You may start to really accept you want a loving partner to share things with, and this light bulb moment has come up as a wake up call.
Or you are reaching your late 20’s and the panic button sets in. ‘I’m so confronted, another year has gone by and all my friends have found someone, getting engaged or pregnant and time is running out for me!’ You may have a major meltdown as you start to realize that you aren’t following the Spiritual Blueprint of what is considered normal by today’s society. The partner, 2+ kids and white picket fence, and you are sick and tired of everyone feeling sorry for you being alone.
You may start to download Tinder, Bumble or Plenty of Fish dating apps out of desperation. Hang out at local bars or flirt with unavailable people as you feel so down on yourself. You will date multiple people, hoping that one of them is ‘The One’ or simply start to settle with someone you know isn’t the right fit yet it is better than feeling hysterical that you could be unlovable.
These are all very normal emotions to feel as this is now a wonderful opportunity to really reflect on what you DO WANT! For many of us, we don’t actually have any idea what kind of person we want to attract or even WHY.
Working as an International Psychic Medium who specializes in Soul Mate/Relationships, the common pattern I observe is, that many clients want the loving partner, yet are still holding onto many subconscious beliefs and stories as to why they cannot Attract Love. They may still be carrying deep scaring from past relationships, holding onto an ex as a security blanket, projecting a very needy energy outwardly that can repel potential suitors. You may believe you are not worthy of the kind of person you really want. I see many people whose hearts are very blocked and not open to receive love into their lives, yet are baffled to why people leave them or cannot get past date three.
I wish to be really clear; we do have a time frame to meet certain soul mates, and you may not have been ready to receive this particular person. We start to get impulses and thought forms when someone special wishes to come into our life. As an example, you may feel this deep desire to detox, lose weight, begin a new course, go to a certain place or really start to pay attention to making changes within. These are all great signs it’s time to lift your vibration, to write a list of how you would like your life to look with this person by your side. You might write a statement that you can read every day and start to talk as though this person is with you already. As an example you might say “I am so grateful I have the most amazing man/woman who loves to cook and nurture me, is a great communicator, sexually we are so compatible and we laugh so much. I feel so lucky we both love to travel and have so much in common. I cannot thank the universe enough for bringing such a magical soul mate into my life.”
As you can see, you are able to magnify this person easier, once you are clear on the qualities and personality traits they have. Even though we have 72 Soul Mates from our Soul’s Pod on earth, it is important we honour what is most important for us; so we can feel safe to trust, open our hearts up fully and to help us grow as a person. We are all allocated someone, though many of us are so scared and fearful of having our heart broken that it can take time before we feel ready to enter into a loving partnership.
For those of you that are sick and tired of meeting the same archetypes of people such as; emotionally unavailable, commitment phobic, are career driven and give you no time or simply just not ready for what you want, then I have good news!
I will be running some courses world – wide starting on March 3rd in Melbourne, to help you identify what your blocks are, to assist you in working out any hold ups, to give you the clarity of your childhood patterns that might be closing your heart to receive the love you really want. What an amazing opportunity to not have to be the last single one standing and be the envy of all those around you, as you shift your thoughts and blind spots from what was getting in the way.
I so want for you all to know you are so incredibly special and have so much love to give to the right person! Allow me to transform you and finally share your life with someone who can give you respect, equality in love and joy.
For all information on my services and courses running you can send me a message via www.danielabirch.com
daniela-birchMy name is Daniela Birch. I have run a successful business as an International Psychic/Medium/Healer and Spiritual Teacher for the last 20 Years. I am an upcoming author of my first book ‘Soul Mates – Love within the Dark’.
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