Last Valentines Day I shared this pic of me and my best friend Zoe on FB.
Zoe’s beautiful mum took the pic. We were out celebrating her 32nd Birthday and when we saw it we ‘cracked up’!
“OMG Look how In LOVE we are?!!!”
I must admit there was a big moment of hesitation before I got brave enough to share this pic on FB with a raw and heartfelt message about how the unconditional love from another being had cracked open my own heart. How, in letting a woman get close to me after years of hurt from, and fear of other sisters (so much of the feminine wounding has come from the Sisterhood) this friendship had allowed the armour and shielding around my own heart to begin to gently soften and release… allowing for me to practise trust and slowly open to letting love in after many years of being closed and shut down.
My bullshit hesitation was that moment of fear one gets so often in life of being misrepresented… the old story around “What might other people think”!?
“What if they think we’re gay?
So, in true liberated fashion… I said “Fuck you with Love” to that old Story…
This was something I now HAD to post and share with the world.
What a GIFT!!!
Why do we need to fear what others think of us?
Project on us?
What they see, whether it’s right wrong or indifferent… Why does that matter to us?
It’s all just a matter of perspective at the end of the day anyway!
We know the truth.
We can totally choose to be our own validation and each one of us have our own inner guidance system.
That old adage: ‘What you think of me is none of my Business!’ rings so true here…
And… That pic and post DID get a LOT of attention.
A LOT of people wondering…
A lot of people assuming…
And a lot of people talking…
“They’re a couple!”
“They’re in a relationship”
Even my own family were starting to ask questions.
I get it, that the ‘context’ perhaps wasn’t there.
But why did it need to be?
I get it too that I made the post all about Zoe at the time because it WAS all about Zoe, it was her B’day. And yes, I raved about her from my heart because I really do love her unconditionally and that IS my truth. She is my beautiful beloved Sister.
Zoe is also a Love Coach. Her greatest gift on this planet is activating HEARTS!
She has been a HUGE catalyst in my own journey of unfolding my heart.
But WHY does it need to be labelled…?
And WHY, to see two human beings of the same sex expressing love- through words, touch, eyes, energy- does that then automatically correlate to the decision they ‘must’ be together in a sexual way?
This is what the world needs MORE of!
Unconditional LOVE!!!
And humans, people, all people, all sexes open and honest enough to EXPRESS IT!
I do LOVE Zoe. She is my best friend, sister, my ally and fellow Tribal Goddess.
She has unshakable integrity and has never wavered her support.
And all that she has bought into my life and my own personal experience has allowed me to grow phenomenally. To practice trust ever more in myself to allow my own heart to soften and begin to unfold more and more…
You see. The LOVE you see in that photo is NOT defined by two women being in anyway ‘in a sexual relationship’ with each other…
What it DOES DEFINE and encapsulate is the deepest and truest essence of being in LOVE with SELF!
And being able to CHOOSE to SHARE that LOVE unconditionally with the other!
Any other!
When a man or woman is 100% full of love for SELF FIRST, their ‘love-tank’ is full, and from that place they are overflowing!
Giving to others then comes from an effortless place of spilling over.
To give to self, first is essential to open the channel to both give and receive of love
This is ‘SELF-IS’, not Selfish.
Then and only then can one truly share that love with others…
LOVE is NOT an Emotion… It IS a State of Being!
A Quantum Woman. Living, breathing and embodying this new cracked-open-hearted love. I breath it into EVERY facet of my life – In Love. Friendships. Relationships. Sex. Business. Beliefs. Values. Health & Wellness, Body, Mind and Spirit.
And If I can share that love more freely with the world, and more and more photos that capture this deep love can be taken with me and others… men, women, everyone and anyone in-between… however it looks, then BRING IT ON!
All the projections and illusions from others (and at times from myself included!) are just that… They are just an ILLUSION!
What did this image stir in you? Did it spark or inspire a response? Did our picture awaken something within you?… A want, a desire, a passion, a commitment?
What is your picture?
What can you choose to do right now TO FALL EVER DEEPER and more intrinsically in LOVE with YOU? Your Life. Your Tribe. And the world around you!
It is Composed.
It is overflowing Abundance.
It is Oneness with everyone and everything.
It is Openness.
It is Allowing.
It is Faith and Trusting in the process.
It is Letting Go.
Love is ever weaving and expanding.
It is Melting back into Yourself.
True Love is being so full that your love tank overflows and you are able to meet another so honestly, so present and raw that the human skin melts away and you Become them!
Desire it?
What One thing can you choose to GIFT YOURSELF this Valentine’s Day to truly fall ever more deeply head over heels in love with yourself?
What will you choose?
Will you write yourself a love letter?
A poem?
Buy yourself flowers?
Commit time to Self Pleasure?
Self Honour?
Slow down?
Practise your loving authentic YES? Your unashamed NO?
Spend some time in Mother Nature?
Get Wet! Be in the ocean, the bath, the mud…
Take some photos of you and your beautiful Sisters? Brothers? Tribe?
Will you look for the LOVE in everyone and everything around you.
Be Grateful for your Life. Choose to send and to receive love, gratitude, forgiveness and compassion to your beautiful body, mind and spirit.
I love you.
Happy ‘DAY to REMEMBER all the LOVE You innately ARE’!
Here’s to your Journey.
Ella x
13620906_1814725972090522_1731954405560297391_n-400x644 Soul Sister Pam Ella (known as Ella) is a Love Coach, Creator of the Goddess InBody Movement and Co-Founder of The Love Map. She works with The Brave Souls; men and women who choose ever greater levels of self mastery and self love.
An Author, Speaker, Teacher, Healer and Tantra Guide, Pam Ella has created a rising of women across the world by calling all women to embrace their Goddess, to ignite their inner fire and CLAIM THEIR BRAVE. With her real raw energy she has appeared on The Morning ShowTriple J Radio, Guest Speaker at Sexpo, a contributing author to Your Well-Being: Sunrise Editionand is a regular guest contributor for magazines, top blogs and podcasts.
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