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Health Benefits of Sex for Men

Health Benefits of Sex for Men Who knew that being ‘friends with benefits’ came with health benefits? We’ve written quite a bit about how orgasms are good for your health and how intimacy can keep you healthy, but today’s article is for the guys – or rather the health benefits they can expect from having [...]

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Gentlemen, Touch Yourself Tonight

Gentlemen, Touch Yourself Tonight Testicular cancer is a serious issue but one we just don't spend much time talking about. So guys, make sure you touch yourselves tonight and give yourself one of the most important 'feel ups' you've ever done!     Learn how to transform your sex life and be the best sexually [...]

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No French Word for ‘French Kiss’ – Until Now

No French Word for ‘French Kiss’ – Until Now Did you know that France’s hottest-ever export has never had a French name? And no, we’re not talking about baguettes.   The French kiss finally has a French name – something it has never had before. Surprising, non?   ‘Galocher’ is the new term for tonsil [...]

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Guide to Kissing

Guide to Kissing To experience the full kissing guide that contains 40 kissing variations, review the insert contained within the product box after purchase.   The X Kiss The most electrifying, amazing kiss you will every experience. The X Kiss is done by applying X On The Lips. Immediately, the pheromones will begin… To attract [...]

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       TOP 10 HEALTH BENEFITS OF KISSING   Are you looking for a long and healthy life? Well...Its as simple as kissing. Medical studies have proven these amazing health benefits from kissing… LIVE 5 YEARS LONGER Those who kiss their lovers goodbye each morning live five years longer then those who don’t. BOOSTS [...]

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5 Healthy Sex Tips

5 Healthy Sex Tips More than ever, sex and health are becoming two peas in a pod. It seems with every new day comes a new study linking the joys of pleasure to the avoidance of pain, and it’s a trend we’ve been staying on top of. A number of international studies have spanned the [...]

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TIPS FOR YOUR LOVE LIFE AFTER BECOMING PARENTS By Melina Macdonald, IntimacyTV For many couples sex after children can seem like a bit of a challenge. Each step of a child’s life creates it’s own set of obstacles. The sleep deprivation and consistent needs of a baby, the go go go until they drop demeanor [...]

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What men crave

What men crave We all want to know what men crave so we can stop wasting time swimming in the sea of fish with all the right fish. If you are looking for a SHORT CUT here it is!   Learn how and where to find higher quality women ''Dating Masterclass For The Modern Man''

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