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IntimacyTV Magazine April 2017

You can download the PDF of version of the magazine HERE: IntimacyTV Magazine April IntimacyTV April 17 issue where we cover a range of topics of dating, sex and intimacy You can check our previous magazine issues HERE Click Here For Your FREE Monthly Magazine Delivered Straight To Your Inbox

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7 Simple Steps for a Passionate Relationship after Children

It is a beautiful blessing when a new baby or children come into our lives. Our whole world changes as we devote our best to the newcomer of the family, both physically and emotionally. While the blame for marriage breakdowns can never be laid on our kids, the impact children can have on our relationships [...]

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IntimacyTV Magazine March 2017

You can download the PDF of version of the magazine HERE: IntimacyTV  Magazine  March 2017  This month's theme is Education, with 4 dimensions: Physical (topics such as yoga lifestyle, 200 orgasms for better health, different kissing styles etc.), Mental (Concepts of a fit male, Mental depression, The mental side of sex that people don't know about etc.), Emotional [...]

Porn for men is what chick flicks are to women

  How is this even possible that we can compare porn to chick flicks? For those who are looking to be shocked and educated about an epidemic happening in today’s society or are concerned for their children’s future relationship and marriages wellbeing, I suggest you hang-in there with me and read this article in entirety. [...]

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