How to Change the Dry Spell in the Bedroom

Whether you’ve been in your relationship for a year or for 50 years, you’ve probably at one point or another, experienced a low libido, decreased desire or even a dry spell in the bedroom. Human arousal is a fragile thing that ebbs and flows, regardless of how much we want to have hot sex every [...]

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Guide to Butt Stuff: Anal in 8 Steps

People...I like buggery. I like the word, I love the act. Taking it up the butt is one of the most enjoyable acts consenting adults can engage in. But, ONLY if you’re doing it properly. The thing with anal is, for as much as it is enjoyable, it can be equally as horrifying or traumatic [...]

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The Group Sex Shame Game

The Group Sexuality Shame Game Last month I was approached by a lovely young man (lets call him Sparky) to go to an event called ‘The Temple of Consciousness’. It was a group sexual workshop.   I can feel your sphincter tighten as I say 'Group Sex' and your shame attempting to make its way [...]

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Coming Out

People...there’s an important day coming up. No it’s not my birthday, you’ve already missed that (asshole). The 17th of May is the International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia. Obviously this day is about bringing awareness to an issue that is near and dear to my heart. To help highlight the importance of this day [...]

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Breaking Down The Madonna Complex

The Madonna Complex is a psychological concept coined by Freud to refer to the inability of a man to maintain sexual arousal within a committed loving relationship. The complex describes how man can be conflicted between honouring and respecting his partner, the mother or future mother of his children, and needing to freely express his [...]

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A Guide To Mastering Your Flow With A Menstrual Cup

Mother Nature gave us the most beautiful gift, to bare children. When we’re not baring children, we are baring the pain of the flow.  Menstrual Periods.  That once a month, if you’re regular, 7 day flow. Without knowing more than what was advertised in magazines, I was offered a panty liner and tampons from a [...]

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Reclaiming Sexual Radiance

Isn’t it crazy that we have to learn how to be in our sexual radiance and sovereignty? Isn’t it crazy that the very thing that has the greatest potential for expansion and connection is also the thing that is most shamed... Reclaiming sexual radiance is often the last step women take in their personal development [...]

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Hotter Sex Life For The Modern Men

- Are you in a relationship is full of nagging and not much sex? - Want to learn the secrets to rock her world? - Do you want to bring back the passion and have your sexy woman back? - Want to learn the secrets of female orgasms and how to have the best sex [...]

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