It’s not called the Big O for nothing.
The tingling sensation spreading across every inch of your body, making you delightfully aware that your release is near. Your nipples harden as you become super sensitive to the slightest touch, and a flaming heat spreads like fire around your clitoris. You gasp for air as your heart starts pounding and your muscles tighten. And when you finally feel the sensational rhythmic quivering of contractions in your vagina, you moan, you scream, you tremble.
And then it’s over.
The average female orgasm lasts about10 seconds, and although we have the luxury of having longer orgasms than men (who average at 6 seconds when they come), don’t we all want a little longer pleasure in our lives?
The good news is, ladies, there are some tricks we can try to make our orgasms last longer. If you have problems orgasming in the first place, these sexy tips are for you too, so grab your partner or dildo, and let’s get working on your OooOooOoohs!

Relax & Get In The Mood

Good sex starts in your head. In a recent study, 70 per cent of women said work stress compromises their sex drive, so leave that nagging voice (“Did I flop that presentation?”, “Is my boss disappointed in me?”) at the bedroom door, and get in the mind frame for pleasure.
If you practice meditation frequently, you can use that technique to clear your mind and get centred on sex.
If you have a partner, try focusing on their scent, on how every kiss feels on your lips and body and try to just enjoy the sensations of his or her tongue flicking over yours. Turn off your brain to get properly turned on!
If you’re self-pleasuring, let your sexual fantasies run wild, watch an erotic movie or read a naughty piece of literature!

Prolong The Foreplay

The longer the foreplay, the more you’re not only enhancing your chances of having an orgasm, but a long foreplay can intensify and make your orgasm longer. It may not sound sexy, but set a timer for 30 minutes of foreplay. That means no penetration for half an hour!
Take your time. Slide your body across your lovers, letting them lick your breasts and, if you’re feeling brave, spread your legs just above their mouth to let them taste you. Kiss them everywhere and let them kiss you everywhere — don’t let them forget less obvious erogenous zones such as your neck, ears, and back. But if they are going down on you, only gentle, teasing licks are allowed.
If you’re self-pleasuring, touch yourself all over your body and if you’re using a vibrator, only use it softly around your genital areas, don’t insert it just yet or press too hard against your clitoris.
30 minutes is longer than you think (the average intercourse is said to last just over seven minutes!), and the extended foreplay will drive you wild. Scientifically speaking, the more aroused you are, the more your blood flow will increase, which makes your vagina become moist and engorged, and your breast swell and nipples harden. The more engorged you are, the more sensitive you are, which will result in more intense (and longer) orgasms.

Pause The Pleasure

If you found it challenging to stay away from penetration for 30 minutes, this next trick is going to drive you insane. But remember, pleasure will be ten-fold for those who wait!
When you feel like you’re about to orgasm, and we know this is going to be difficult because you’ll only want to keep going until you reach climax, you have to pause. And you need to do this a few times (we warned you, it’s going to be difficult)!
You might want to try the 50-25-10 technique. For instance, if you’re partner is performing oral sex on you, when you’re just about to come, have him pause, and then count to 50. He then will start licking you again, but just when you’re about to come again, he pauses and you count until 25. The third time, stop again just before you come and this time only count until 10. And finally, he can keep pleasuring you until you reach orgasm.
The same technique can be applied whether you’re having penetration sex or if you’re self-pleasuring. The longer the arousal build-up, the bigger the explosion!

Keep It Kegel

Samantha in Sex and the City was on to something! Who can forget the scene when she announced she was doing her kegel exercises in the midst of brunch with the girls? According to sexperts, keeping your kegel muscle in top shape is one of the best ways to transform your orgasms from mild to mind-blowing!
How you do it? First of all, find the right muscle. To identify your kegel muscle, the easiest way is to stop peeing midstream. That’s the clenching you’re looking for! Now you can tighten everywhere and anywhere, but try not to flex the muscles in your stomach, thighs or butt at the same time — focus on your pelvic floor muscles. Try to do three sets of ten repetitions a day.
Now, go off and have an orgasmic experience and please let us know if these tips are helpful for you prolonging your “Yes, yes, yes! “, and please share YOUR naughty tips for making the Big O better!
Enjoy Yourself.
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