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Hungry Dics Horny Pics & Erotic Stories

Back in the olden days you would hear of stories of a man walking the streets in a long overcoat flashing women here and there for the joy of it. It would always give a reaction of either curiosity or disgust when told to women. Well with the new age of modern technology now the [...]

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The Journey Within To Find Your Inner Goddess We All Have

Only a few times in this lifetime you will stumble across something profound, life changing, perspective changing actually. Dancing Eros is just one of these. Whether these techniques of connecting to your inner goddess through sound and movement have been channelled through the gods of time or not, Dancing Eros is one of those practices [...]

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IntimacyTV Magazine March 2017

You can download the PDF of version of the magazine HERE: IntimacyTV  Magazine  March 2017  This month's theme is Education, with 4 dimensions: Physical (topics such as yoga lifestyle, 200 orgasms for better health, different kissing styles etc.), Mental (Concepts of a fit male, Mental depression, The mental side of sex that people don't know about etc.), Emotional [...]