Only a few times in this lifetime you will stumble across something profound, life changing, perspective changing actually. Dancing Eros is just one of these.
Whether these techniques of connecting to your inner goddess through sound and movement have been channelled through the gods of time or not, Dancing Eros is one of those practices that will crack open and unlock every chamber within your essence.

  • Open your heart space to find deep love of yourself (necessary for any healthy relationship)
  • Connect to your root chakra and kundalini energy and sexual energy life force
  • Open the crown chakra soo deep you will connect with your true souls memory!

It is a unique journey!
2017 sent the IntimacyTV founders (and a group of close associates and friends within their tribe) on a deep deep journey into self.
Dancing Eros has been known for its journey into the 5 archetypes of woman.

  • Maiden
  • Priestess
  • Slut
  • Wild Women
  • Erotic Mother

The reality is this journey is much more profound then you will ever expect.
Whether you;

  • Dip your toe in for a taster night
  • Go through a 8 week journey of self
  • Or just jump in neck deep for an intensive course

Hold on as that journey with change your life in such a profound way that personally I have been integrating all year!
In this interview rare with the founder of Dancing Eros, Vanessa Florence, we bypass the archetypes and dig deeper into how this practice (that has reached nearly 1000 women and men which has now outstretched over the oceans) came to be and answer all those nagging questions by its sceptics.
Sit back, grab a cuppa and enjoy this very private, lengthy interview with Vanessa Florence and Melina Macdonald.

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