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About Hartley Williams

My name is Hartley Williams and I am an Aboriginal person from Noongar nation in Western Australia. I am pleased to write about some of the most memorable events which have enabled me to reflect on the positive aspects of each experience making this article an interesting read for the TV Intimacy magazine readers. During [...]

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The Fine Line Between Friends/Family and Enabler

Over the last 44 years of my life there are been numerous times where I've been put in a position to really contemplate my values, my beliefs and my perspective on situations. Whenever I've been put in a position where my close friends or a loved one has asked me to support them, will be [...]

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How To Get Him To Listen & Open Up Without Having To Nag

If you are someone who is currently experiencing a lot of frustration in your relationship communication (but not limited to) such as: Constantly fighting over the smallest little things Fighting about same issues over and over again There’s a lot of nagging from your end and he just completely shuts down or withdraws There is [...]

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Costume Party? 5 Top Tips for Nailing Your Outfit

  It’s party time!  Whether you’re the type who’s just fished the crumpled invite from the depths of your bag OR had it pinned up on the fridge for weeks in excited anticipation – it will serve you well to review our 5 Top Tips for getting it right this party season. Tip 1:  Identify [...]

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  Are you suffering from MENOPAUSE DIABETES or undergoing any CANCER THERAPIES or just an avid TRAVELLER? Join us here at IntimacTV as I interview Mary-Lou Cool-Jams Australia about her great tips and products.

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Walking the Love Map as a Tantric Body Worker and Guide

Some of you may know I have been walking the 'Love Map'... embracing the journey of present and intentional dating for some time now... So far I have been on about 7 dates. Most of them have been really positive. ALL of them have offered me Gold! It is a curious adventure and very confronting [...]

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