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Ways To A Man's Heart

Remember that song by American comedy troupe The Lonely Island, featuring singer Justin Timberlake, ‘Dick In A Box’?  It debuted on the show Saturday Night Live in 2006. I was in my late twenties and didn’t really understand the humour.  I hadn’t experienced what it was like for a man wanting to stick his dick into [...]

10 Tips to Avoid Suicide

LETS TALK SUICIDE! I’m surrounded by suicide. My Brother & Grandfather suicided, my Dad and Myself have attempted it and I have a string of other people in my life who are dead. Did you know Suicide in Australia has hit some all time highs in the last few years? With World Suicide Prevention Day [...]

Vital Calls for Survival

GET ON THE PHONE AND CALL YOUR MATES NOW!!!   Men bottle things up. Alcohol and drugs are used to mask how they really feel. As males we were taught to be tough and not discuss our problems from a young age from influences at home and at school. If you were a boy at [...]

Tips to Master Edging

Orgasm Denial 101   Reposted and written by littlemisssubshine: Disclaimer: This was originally written for my husband to understand what orgasm denial is, and all the things he needed to know to participate in my own denial. Thus it’s written for a man, from a woman. I’ll try to cover some things for you men [...]

About Hartley Williams

My name is Hartley Williams and I am an Aboriginal person from Noongar nation in Western Australia. I am pleased to write about some of the most memorable events which have enabled me to reflect on the positive aspects of each experience making this article an interesting read for the TV Intimacy magazine readers. During [...]

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Dating Masterclass For The Modern Women

- Are you a single woman that is struggling to attract the right man into your life? - Do you feel like you have lots to offer but keep having unsuccessful relationship with the wrong guy? - Do you struggle to get a guy to commit? - Are you sick and tired of feeling lonely [...]

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Straight Talk with Melina and Jane

  Q: I am devastated to find out my husband is cheating behind my back. I’ve been married for about a year. My husband and I decided to try for a baby recently and we were pregnant in about 4 months but sadly lost the baby at 15 weeks. We were both so excited for [...]

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My Healing Journey

Hello everyone. Wow this could seriously not be more in alignment with where I am right now “starting over”. As an energy healer and consciousness educator I have to lead the way in the world practicing what I teach in my personal life. i’m always looking for my trauma and emotional links to clear, or [...]

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