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A few months ago I went on the most incredible unexpected journey in what was a two day Yoni Massage workshop. Today I want to share with you the perspective that was my experience and also the experience of the man that I worked with in the final part of this experience. Understanding the perspective [...]

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THE TRI-FECTA EFFECT: Thriving in Life being an Aboriginal, Gay & HIV positive

My name is Hartley Williams, I was diagnosed with HIV during the year of 2000. I am pleased to share my story with the readers of Intimacy TV magazines for the purposes of raising the levels of awareness for our communities. As the eldest son of a very famous footballer, I knew from the beginning [...]

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What’s Really Missing From Your Seemingly Perfect Life

It seems like you have it all. The business. The money. The status. The wife. The house. The car. The big screen TV. Your other toys. The vacations. The golf club or country club or gym. The lot. But something is missing, and you know it. You can feel it when you go to sleep, [...]

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How A Dad Shapes His Daughter's Future Love Life

One of the things I often see when working as a Relationship and Dating coach, is the impact of parents on their children’s lives. Many of my clients come to me to for help with their love life/relationship, and part of it is working on the traumas and issues they have had during their childhood [...]

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