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How Joining a Pageant Transformed Me

I’ve battled shyness, multiple fears, lack of confidence, poor body image and self-esteem issues since I was a kid. The Mrs Singapolitan Islandwide 2017/2018 Pageant journey I embarked on was a wild ride with unexpected results. I think back to the days where the women in my family and I had juicy fun judging the [...]

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How Depression Created an Entreprenuer

Mind Socks is the evolution of an enterprise that comprises far more than just commerce. It is the brain child of co-creators Mila Dhurbarry and Carissa Belham. Its inception began in 2015, when a Mental Health referral saw two likeminded individuals converge. That relationship resulted in what is now burgeoning small business incorporating a range [...]

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Early Exposure To Porn Leads Men To Sexist Views

Why Is This Important? Because the MRA movement does seem to coincide with the previous decade’s rise in easily accessible hardcore smut. Long Story Short New research indicates that when boys meet porn, they grow up to become men with ‘playboy norm’ attitudes towards women. Long Story If you ask any older gentleman what his first experience [...]

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