Have you noticed the new health phenomena that has been taking the women’s empowerment, wellbeing and sexuality arena by storm recently? It’s featuring in magazines, late night TV shows, even a star or 2 have been talking about it. The tool is so small you can hold it in the palm of your hand, and so discreet, you can wear it without anyone ever knowing you have it on you. A semi precious crystal in the shape of an egg, worn intra-vaginally. It’s the Jade Egg, commonly referred to now as the Yoni Egg.

It’s been said that the jade egg can give a women a rock star vagina, create orgasms a women has only ever dreamed of, and offers benefits to it’s users akin to the fountain of youth. After deeply undertaking these teachings, studying, practicing within my own body, sharing with and supporting thousands of women over the past decade, I feel well informed to comment on this. 

For me, the two major things that got me hooked on this practice are that ALL women can benefit, no matter where they sit within their lifecycle of the feminine, and the health, wellness and vitality benefits for women are priceless. I’m all about health and vitality, and I love staying deeply connected to my body, my sensual / sexual nature, and my feminine essence. I have noticed thousands of women experiencing such benefits, and I thrive on supporting and guiding them to do so.


Although the claims mentioned earlier, as well as some of the hype in the media of late may seem very exciting, and there can be threads of these experienced by a woman embarking on a jade egg path, I have my concerns. Here are a few of them:

  • Firstly, as women we give our power away so often to sources outside of ourselves. In this case, I am seeing women give their power over to the jade egg. The truth is, the act of you saying YES to deepening your most important relationship, your primary relationship with yourself, is the key factor in creating change here, and it’s a full body of work that really brings you the benefits. In fact, you can do everything without the jade egg, yet once we start working internally, it takes the experience and benefits to another level, and most women will want to experience this.
  • We are dealing with a woman’s most intimate, sacred depths, and in my opinion, this calls for only the highest and the best type of guidance and information. When a woman starts exploring the inner workings and world of her pelvis, it can be a treasure trove of wondrous pleasures, sensations and delights, and it can also be a pandoras box of some expected and sometimes unexpected emotions, traumas, pain, shame, guilt etc from the past that surface to be healed and loved back into wholeness. That said, we need to make sure we are well held and have great ongoing support if need be, to assist us not only when we begin a practice, but along the journey.

We are psycho – sexual beings. Therefore, the way we feel is intrinsically linked to our sexuality. There is no separation. Again, this calls for great care, insight, sensitivity and guidance from those teaching  the jade egg. 

The vast majority of the information I am seeing “out there “ on the jade or yoni egg, is misleading, un-embodied, and often coming from sources without a high level of education and training. As a result, women are often left feeling confused by this, not knowing where to begin. They can experience frustration, leading to them giving up on a practice that can actually be completely empowering and transformational. 

A big concern for women practicing incorrect use of jade eggs, is that it can create pain, potentially damaging delicate and sensitive nerve endings. On the contrary, correct jade egg practice will assist you to be able to to awaken the pelvis to more aliveness, awareness, sensitivity, dexterity and pleasure.

Interested to do the best for your body? Here are 5 main points to look for when seeking to embark on a jade egg journey:

  1. Seek and purchase the best quality jade egg. There are so many “yoni eggs” on the market. I only advocate for the jade egg, and the highest quality nephrite jade as this has dense, strongly woven fibres  making it almost un breakable, and highly unlikely to chip. It also means that it’s almost completely non-porous, so it won’t soak up fluids or blood, creating a breading ground for bacteria. All other yoni crystals are porous, and chip and can even shatter, so I don’t advocate for them. If you are looking at an egg that says “do not boil”, then you know the quality is not fabulous. You can purchase premium quality jade eggs here : www.femininevitality.com/products

  2. Seek well informed, highly educated and embodied guidance. I would ONLY recommend learning from a woman who is an ambassador of the Desilets Method, as this method has proven results, research and findings, to support the teachings. We are talking about your most sacred depths. You deserve to gift only the best to yourself.
  3. Allocate increments of time where you can be undisturbed and give to yourself. This is about falling more deeply in love with beautiful you! Can you imagine getting to know a new lover deeply and exploring a new relationship, yet there’s constant interruptions, children walking in, the phone going off etc. You would create space for this new love, so create space for you, and reap the benefits.
  4. Only move as fast as the slowest part of yourself. You may be very keen to begin practicing internally with your jade egg, yet one of the keys to correct jade egg use, is to tune in and deeply listen to the wisdom and guidance of your body, your womb space. Listening to whether your vagina is ready to take the jade egg inside. By doing this, we allow ourselves the opportunity to re-pattern, re-program and re-imprint ourselves away from the old ways of unconscious sexual conduct, where over-riding our bodies true wisdom was the norm. Now we move towards honouring, deep reverence, love and respect.

  5. On going support is the key to not only adopting, but keeping up a great practice. This assists in creating long lasting, possibly life changing results. They certainly were for me, and the thousands of women I have supported

Cropped shot of a young woman enjoying the feel of her skin

Great pelvic and sexual health and well being are key assets of a healthy, vibrant, magnetic  woman. Invest in yourself wisely ladies.

Not sure if this type of practice is for you? Here are 10 main reasons why you would love this practice:

  1. You feel there is more to your sexual and sensual nature and you’d love to explore that further
  2. You are low in or even lacking in libido
  3. You wish to feel more energy, enlivenment and radiance
  4. You would love to clear and heal past sexual , birth and / or surgical trauma and discomfort.
  5. You would love to tap into your infinite pleasure potential
  6. You would love to prevent and or support prolapse
  7. You wish to heal after childbirth, gaining more tone and subtleness 
  8. You would love hormonal practices to assist you to transition  peri-menopause, menopause and beyond gracefully
  9. You would love hormonal balancing practices to assist you to balance or clear PMT
  10. You wish to deepen your body and self love

The most potent and powerful way to learn, is at an in person live training. This way you are experiencing the limbic resonance from the embodiment of your teacher. Being held in a safe and sacred container with other women who are saying yes to coming home more deeply to their bodies, to their feminine essence, is also extremely beneficial, as we create a sisterhood of support for one another. We also have a LOT of FUN! 

I invite you to check out my Australian Tour, “ Cultivating Lifelong Pleasure and Feminine Vitality”, heading to Perth, 28th – 29th Oct, Sydney 4th – 5th Nov, and Cairns 18th -19th Nov. For bookings, and more information, please visit  www.femininevitality.com I am currently offering FREE 15 min phone consults to any ladies wishing to discuss how this body of work may benefit them, either at a workshop, or private Skype session.  Contact details on my website.

I look forward to supporting your journey more deeply home to yourself, and celebrate your choice to have fabulous pelvic and sexual health!

With love and joy,


22052929_10214250070876290_1705089230_n Justina Casuarina ADMc, is a women’s educator, focusing on feminine embodiment, real authentic sex education, menstrual programs for young girls, and radiant mothering.

Justina holds a vision of a world where women carrying shame and guilt in their bodies is a thing of the past, and the new norm is women coming home to themselves, holding great love and reverence within, seeing their bodies as the sacred temples that they are.

For most of the past decade, she has worked and studied closely with Dr. Saida Desilets, founder of the modern jade egg movement. This has formed a core foundation of everything she does today. She lives in the exquisite Byron Bay shire, offering presentations, workshops and events Australia wide and internationally.