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5 Ways To Keep Passion In Your Relationship

Most people seem to think that if a relationship is ‘right’ that it should be easy. Wrong. Relationships take continual effort to keep the passion going. Why is it ok for people at the beginning to show the best version of themselves when they meet a new beau but as time passes they become more [...]

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Why Scents Turn Us On – And Off!

How important is a sexual partner's smell to you?  Have you ever dumped someone because of they’re scent? And would you go to a pheromone party? I love this topic. My girlfriend and I were chatting about how I refused to go out on another date with a nice, attractive guy. Yes, attractive! But what [...]

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Five Top Tips to add the spring to your sexy step this Summer

Intimacy in your relationship cannot fall back on ‘special occasion sex’, as “this just isn’t enough any more”. “This is a common scenario, but funnily enough it’s not the men who aren’t satisfied these days, but women aged 50+ who are leaving their husbands in droves, looking for more intimacy and better sex,” says adult [...]

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15 Ways To Have Better Sex In 2016

15 Ways To Have Better Sex In 2016 1. Have sex with zero intention of having an orgasm. You know how they say a watched pot never boils? Well, it’s kind of the same deal with orgasms. If you’re focusing too much on whether or not it’ll happen, you can ruin an otherwise great time. So [...]

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Sexy Wounded War Veterans Get Us Feeling Hot Under The Collar In New Calendar

Let’s face it, our society is just a bunch of pervs. I’m not talking about fully fledged perverts (although they do exist), I’m talking about our love of checking people out and thinking to yourself “they’re a tidy piece”, or maybe that’s just me. I think it’s brilliant that we can appreciate all members of [...]

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When You Want It More Than He Does

I remember too well discovering the utter pleasure of having sex with one particular partner (who will remain unnamed). The first few times weren't great, but once I felt comfortable and confident, there was no stopping me. I couldn't get enough. But whereas I was getting more and more excited about all the sexy things [...]

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