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Dancing should be an innate movement in your body so if you are rigid when you move you have disconnected to your body. Dance is the bridge between cultures and communities and love/intimacy. Remember we are all the same when you peel away our skin underneath…pink.

Ancestors, family, traditional dancing (different cultures and bringing in music and showing their movement to open the bridge to allow others to experience the world and its true community).


Each class is unique week to week covering different aspects connecting into our environment, our physicality, and our connection to spirit

It is focused on getting out of your mind and fully focusing on feeling your body. Integrating your sensation and responses t the sounds to your environment and bringing awareness to how your body responds. It harnesses the ability to witness how your body communicates with you and unlocking its patterns and entering a space of complete freedom.

Let your body hear, not just your ears!

This is for people who desire to be more relaxed in their bodies removing rigid movement to dance and laugh in the unco. Release fear of letting go to open up and trust there is no right or wrong expression.

Move through the Eros archetypes in an open unset approach. Let your respond to the sounds around to flow into each archetype.

Activating Your Full Trance Dance is to get lost in the chaos dropping you into the peace of full connectedness through group work.

Experience the mirror reflection created through movement with another. This duo class is about unlocking the right side of the creative brain to drop into the flow and embrace the newness energy of creation and possibilities that can merge with another. Intimacy=in-to-me-see

Releasing old patterns of control and learn to trust another by dancing blindfolded and being led by another.

Connect into your power through 12 movements

Using voice to activate different sounds and connect to your various Chakras.

AFRICAN DANCING – using your hips to open you up and enter a new frequency

Play with the masculine/feminine energies, seducing each other with the energy of the darkness of the seduction of the erotic mother.

Experience 10 Decades Of Dance from the 1920’s to 2010’s.

Toning through dance is a very guided class to show how different movement will open your vocal cords to higher and lower tones.

Chakra Body Activation using different touch techniques matching each chakra in groups. It’s about the power of Touch, tone, intention and how you can affect another.

Movies moving through the era’s of our most memorable famous movement tracks of the last 5 decades

Melina Macdonald

Human Design and The Liquid Crystals practitioner, Professional Photographer, Bachelor of Business, Dancing Eros assistant facilitator, Author Win the Dating Game.

We have all built our house (ourselves) on rickety foundations and structure as we have been influenced and manipulated by everything surrounding us whether that be our parents, religion, politics, teachers, friends, communities etc. to act a certain way, believe certain things have a particular lifestyle. What is I said is all bullshit? That that’s not you at all!

Being a Human Architect is about getting you back to a solid foundation of who you are under the mask of being everyone else and living everyone else’s life. We strip you back to the floor and start to rebuild you as the TRUE YOU were born to be this lifetime using various modalities such as Human Design, NLP, Liquid Crystals etc.

Hayley Van Cuylenburg

Reiki, Pranic Healing, Indian head massage, reflexology, hot stone healing, intuitive sensual massage journey, Dancing Eros facilitator.

My soul has been driving my life the last 2 years and I have found myself surrendering when my cognitive mind believed that I had surrendered as far as I could possibly go. But like everything, there is always more when you open to it. So basically I have been a servant to my soul.

Music has a way of taking you




Michella Vornavarty

Energy & Emotional Clearing, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Chinese Meridian and Kinesiology , Spiral techniques, Psychic Readings & Mediumship

Michella is a highly skilled intuitive master, receiving guidance and tuning into people’s energy systems. Michella has over 10 years experience working with people helping bring to life their visions, their innate gifts, messages from their soul and other intergalactic beings which surround them.

Her ability to tap into higher guidance and clear blocked and negative energies leaves clients with profound growth. Using a combination of coaching, cards, psychic readings, mediumship and emotion and energy clearing to give you exactly what you need to hear. Whatever the designated message is for you, spirit will work through me to give you exactly what you need in the moment in the best way you need to receive it. Allow Michella to serve you, help you feel more grounded, connected, lighter and clearer.

Join Our Mailing List So You Don’t Miss Any Mytical Mumma Events, Retreats or Symposium’s TODAY!