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Rituals and ceremonies are celebrated to honour how we move through each season and its natural rhythm. Rituals mark some of the most important times of our lives whether that be the celebration of a birth day or the changing of a season, reaping of a harvest or to prepare for winter.

Solstice and Equinox traditions represent the victory of light over darkness (moving from winter to summer) and rebirth (as we move from summer to winter).

Join us to pay tribute as it has been done for centuries to Gaia, our universe and gods.

Equinox and Solstice Rituals

Equinox rituals are performed as the sun crosses the celestial quarter in Autumn and Spring where we have an equal night and day. Equinox is seen as a time of struggle between light and darkness, life and death so it’s a time to cleanse out old energy in ourselves and our home.

  • Autumn Equinox represents thanks for the fruits of the earth and harvest of this years crops both physically and internally through gratitude for the seeds you both reaped and sowed (including the good, bad and ugly).
  • Spring equinox represents new light, new life, fertility, new beginnings, planting new seeds both physically and metaphorically. Plan new adventures. Time to be outdoors and gather with your friends, share stories, laughter and music.

Solstice Rituals

Solstice happens two times of the year in winter and summer when the sun reaches its highest and lowest point in the sky at noon.

  • Winter solstice is the shortest day and longest night of the year and its about worshipping the Moon. Represents the rebirth and return of the sun. Holds powerful energy for regeneration, renewal and self reflection.
  • Summer solstice honours the longest day of the year so celebrate being outside and worship the Sun and the fertility of the earth.

Full Moon Rituals

Full moon dropping in to whatever the resonance of the energies are for that month whether that is a

  • blue moon
  • dark moon
  • red moon

Daily rituals

Introduction to different rituals for a healthier life balance

  • Alters
  • How to set up your day
  • What do I choose to experience today? 2 min ritual
  • Your ‘getting ready’ for the day ritual

Melina Macdonald

Human Design and The Liquid Crystals practitioner, Professional Photographer, Bachelor of Business, Dancing Eros assistant facilitator, Author Win the Dating Game.

We have all built our house (ourselves) on rickety foundations and structure as we have been influenced and manipulated by everything surrounding us whether that be our parents, religion, politics, teachers, friends, communities etc. to act a certain way, believe certain things have a particular lifestyle. What is I said is all bullshit? That that’s not you at all!

Being a Human Architect is about getting you back to a solid foundation of who you are under the mask of being everyone else and living everyone else’s life. We strip you back to the floor and start to rebuild you as the TRUE YOU were born to be this lifetime using various modalities such as Human Design, NLP, Liquid Crystals etc.

Hayley Van Cuylenburg

Reiki, Pranic Healing, Indian head massage, reflexology, hot stone healing, intuitive sensual massage journey, Dancing Eros facilitator.

My soul has been driving my life the last 2 years and I have found myself surrendering when my cognitive mind believed that I had surrendered as far as I could possibly go. But like everything, there is always more when you open to it. So basically I have been a servant to my soul.

Music has a way of taking you




Michella Vornavarty

Energy & Emotional Clearing, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Chinese Meridian and Kinesiology , Spiral techniques, Psychic Readings & Mediumship

Michella is a highly skilled intuitive master, receiving guidance and tuning into people’s energy systems. Michella has over 10 years experience working with people helping bring to life their visions, their innate gifts, messages from their soul and other intergalactic beings which surround them.

Her ability to tap into higher guidance and clear blocked and negative energies leaves clients with profound growth. Using a combination of coaching, cards, psychic readings, mediumship and emotion and energy clearing to give you exactly what you need to hear. Whatever the designated message is for you, spirit will work through me to give you exactly what you need in the moment in the best way you need to receive it. Allow Michella to serve you, help you feel more grounded, connected, lighter and clearer.

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