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For a journey of transformation Mystical Mumma offers a variety of retreats and workshops from Dancing Eros to more advanced emotional alchemy and embodiment for those ready for complete transition metamorphisis.

With a team of alchemists, emotional energy clearers and bodyworkers to activate and hold the space during the events we also focus on post event selfcare and mentoring to assist you to fully embrace and work through anything that may come up for you.

This deep work is for those really ready to step into their innate gifts and power and move through and into their purpose energy.

DANCING EROS – 8-week journey immersion

Own Your Sexuality, Sensuality and Your Desire. Embody Your Full Power As A Woman. Dancing Eros has fast become recognised as one of the most powerful and transformational experiences for women’s sexual empowerment.

This course focuses on the authentic embodiment of five feminine erotic archetypes. We will explore these powerful expressions of our sexuality and ourselves. This work is edgy. This is for women who are really ready to go deep.

You don’t have to be able to dance, coordination is not a prerequisite! This is MUCH more than a sexy dance course. When we step into our sexual power the effects ripple out into our entire life.

Women participating in Dancing Eros have;

  • quit their unfulfilling jobs
  • lost weight without doing anything different
  • had their first orgasms
  • found the courage to start living their purpose
  • attracted incredible partners
  • experienced many other massive breakthroughs in unexpected areas of their world.

This journey will change your connection to yourself, your relationships to others and your life!

The VOID – otherwise known as the spaces in between

Everything that you do, the space is an opportunity for you to stop. Stop filling yourself up with stuff and instead fill yourself with space. If there is no space within us then we cannot keep piling new wisdom, new offerings on top of each other. It simply will not integrate and without integration whatever you choose to engage in and endeavour to create for yourself will never be able to be fully manifested.

It is when we stop that we are making a conscious choice to meet ourselves and listen. When we do not stop to listen to ourselves, to decipher our language of our body and how it talks to us, then we are abandoning ourselves.

This action creates an expansion of self love and the more we practice this process the deeper we love ourselves until eventually it becomes so difficult to abandon ourselves anymore and whatever fear we may have held and the reasons why we have simply dissolve in the light of our love for self.

And with this deeper fuller more wholesome meeting of energy of ourselves we get to call all parts of ourselves that may have been kept in the past, kept in the shadows and bringing all aspects of ourselves fully into the present moment creating a fuller, deeper, clearer space for our choices to be consciously chosen for the reasons that will fully serve us. The more we choose these reasons from this place the deeper our courage expands within us and inturn the deeper our expression of truth is lived through us.

This is the journey of the void.

The gift of presence.

After all, presence really means and really shows that you are interested in something so the question is “How interested are you really in you?”

The Void or Avoid

The spaces in between

Outcome- learning to surrender. To let go of an outcome or a result. Results are lower frequency. We desire to anchor into the new crystalline frequency.

  • Discussion education
  • Connecting back to presence

Path of Veiled Mysteries

Welcome to new modality energy retreats of emotional alchemy and embodiment for human transformational healing and awakening. Bust through the feminine polarity veil and unlock the feeling of being HOME in your body via initiation embodiment practises and sensual restoration techniques.

It’s to connect, nurture and empower people to their true polarity of the masculine/feminine and the forgotten innerchild.

Journeys into the depths of your inner feminine landscape with food, dance movements, pamper sessions, ancient initiation ceremonies and practices, and alchemy.

Reclaim your own life force, inner source of empowerment and true identity to step into your purpose and power for this life-times humanity journey.


Advanced Eros

If you have integrated and enjoyed the movement of Dancing Eros classes this Advanced Class is for you!

This class is next Level from the DE 5 archetypes explored.

It brings other archetypes and the fundamentals into this experience and is journeyed with a team of DE facilitators.

We assimilate both the divine masculine and feminine archetypes into your cellular memory and allow you to witness how you can call on these archetypes at any time of need.

  • What and who they represent
  • What gifts and challenges they bring
  • How through sound, movement or ceremony you can call on them

This is a workshop that includes discussion and movement with rituals.

Melina Macdonald

Human Design and The Liquid Crystals practitioner, Professional Photographer, Bachelor of Business, Dancing Eros assistant facilitator, Author Win the Dating Game.

We have all built our house (ourselves) on rickety foundations and structure as we have been influenced and manipulated by everything surrounding us whether that be our parents, religion, politics, teachers, friends, communities etc. to act a certain way, believe certain things have a particular lifestyle. What is I said is all bullshit? That that’s not you at all!

Being a Human Architect is about getting you back to a solid foundation of who you are under the mask of being everyone else and living everyone else’s life. We strip you back to the floor and start to rebuild you as the TRUE YOU were born to be this lifetime using various modalities such as Human Design, NLP, Liquid Crystals etc.

Hayley Van Cuylenburg

Reiki, Pranic Healing, Indian head massage, reflexology, hot stone healing, intuitive sensual massage journey, Dancing Eros facilitator.

My soul has been driving my life the last 2 years and I have found myself surrendering when my cognitive mind believed that I had surrendered as far as I could possibly go. But like everything, there is always more when you open to it. So basically I have been a servant to my soul.

Music has a way of taking you




Michella Vornavarty

Energy & Emotional Clearing, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Chinese Meridian and Kinesiology , Spiral techniques, Psychic Readings & Mediumship

Michella is a highly skilled intuitive master, receiving guidance and tuning into people’s energy systems. Michella has over 10 years experience working with people helping bring to life their visions, their innate gifts, messages from their soul and other intergalactic beings which surround them.

Her ability to tap into higher guidance and clear blocked and negative energies leaves clients with profound growth. Using a combination of coaching, cards, psychic readings, mediumship and emotion and energy clearing to give you exactly what you need to hear. Whatever the designated message is for you, spirit will work through me to give you exactly what you need in the moment in the best way you need to receive it. Allow Michella to serve you, help you feel more grounded, connected, lighter and clearer.

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