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Sex and Intimacy with Mystical Mumma is like nothing you have experienced before thanks to our team that includes a leading Intimate Lifestyle Product Educator, Speed dating Facilitator and Dating Author who is working alongside an advanced Eros instructor and Crone BodyWorker.

Who wants to learn from the same regurgitated teaching that have been watered down and taught by those who open you up and leave you exposed to further harm?  Those who teach you about sex and intimacy yet they rarely date or have healthy open surrendered sex let alone have experienced deep penetrative orgasms?? NOT ME!

Whether you are a man or woman, had many sexual partners or none, these facilitators will open you up to a whole new pleasurable lifestyle full of juiciness and full permission.

We will always be learning and expanding and growing till the day we leave this lifetime so why not venture into the unknown, obscure, healthy and just plain original to explore and develop what is not been commonly taught around sexuality today.

Divine Masculine Men’s Workshop

Are you ready to unplug from the dating matrix?

Men and women are NOT the same! We do not think the same, feel the same, react the same, desire the same, or connect the same yet through the rise of the feminine voice and strive for equality, men have been bastardised into believing and acting like a ‘woman with a hairy chest’ in order to satiate their primal desire to have sex.

What if I told you that you will NEVER get what you want this way, you will only ever ‘settle’ in life and that being a BETA man is exactly what women really don’t want! They only want to fuck ALPHA men.

In this workshop you with give yourself permission to be unapologetically Alpha male. You will walk away understanding the stages of being a man as the Paige, Knight, Prince, King, and Elder. You will no longer settle for a woman that will fuck you all while negotiating who are are just to get laid. Understand why Long Distance relationships, Same sex friendships, Pick Up Artists (PUA) techniques have no longevity and make you into an asshole (unhealthy Alpha) and having a Female Wingman is royally screwing up your sex life. We will look at Societal Cock Blocking, cover the realities of Hypergamy, Monogamy and marriage, and why it’s healthy not to settle down before you mid 30’s. Understand when a woman will sleep with you and why.

Remove the Beta lesser male out of you and replace it with a healthy totally desirable Alpha male to attract the woman of your desires and have plenty of on tap sex. Literally have a plethora of tools to connect to your healthy inner Alpha to attract better work, success and lots and lots of sex.

Adult intimate lifestyle products educator

Does adult products or the expansion into BDSM, kink or Tantra intimidate you a bit yet your still curious?

Adult Lifestyle Product Educator Melina Macdonald will take you through a hands-on class on the different kinds of intimacy products available on the market. As there are over 16,000 to choose from its overwhelming to know what is a good product, how it works, why you would choose one over another, what the hell half of them are, where does it go and how much I should invest.

Also knowing how to introduce a new aspect into your relationship is another touchy and scary topic. The last thing you want to come across as or being called creepy or a pervert right?

We will also debunk why food replaces sex! Explaining what intimacy chemicals get released into the body and when and also their benefits so you better understand why you are replacing food with sex!

Understanding Sex

Are you one of the 85% of women who don’t orgasm through penetrative sex?

I suppose your thinking “So what?” or “Those women are lying” or “It’s not important as long as he is enjoying himself”.

What if I told you that’s all a load of BS and YOU are simply not getting the most out of your sexual experiences simply because you don’t understand your body because no-ones shown you or you haven’t given yourself permission for pleasure.

What if after one day you can learn to ‘surrender’ and connect into your body to improve your intimacy experiences overnight? In this workshop we will openly discuss

  • Your Anatomy
  • Bust taboos on menstruation and menopause
  • Difference between Feelings vs. Emotions
  • Delve into Touch
  • Sexual fantasies
  • Your single and not sure where to start
  • How to attract your perfect partner
  • The importance to move your hips

Food vs. Intimacy

Did You Know That You are Probably Replacing Sex/Intimacy With Food?

Join our webinar discussion on;

  • Connection Between Chemicals and Food. How chemicals are Released Into Your Body Through Intimacy And Through Food
  • What Is Actually Happening When You are Near Or Touching Someone
  • If You Are Stuck At A Place With The ‘Switch Still Turned Off’ Sexually You Will Gain Weight Without Realising and Why?
  • There Are Many Foods That Can Give You A Quick Chemical Kick But

Why Do We Tend To Go Straight For The Fast Food And Junk Food?

  • Are There Any Good Foods We Can Eat To Help Us Stimulate Are Brains And Body Enough To ‘Turn The Switch Back On’?
  • What Can We Do Right Now To Help ‘Turn That Switch Back On’ With Our Partners?
  • 5 Minute Challenge – Kissing
  • 10 Minute Challenge – intimacy with a partner

Human Design Coffee Readings

Grab a group of friends and enjoy connecting during a coffee and having your Human Design Personality Profile Readings together.

In this group setting we will cover many topics that are in a Beginners reading such as your;

  • Type – Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, Manifestor or Reflector
  • Strategy – YOUR personality type
  • Aura – How YOUR energy works around other people
  • Inner Authority – How to make wiser decisions for YOU
  • Open Centers – Unconscious components in YOUR way from life success
  • Defined Centers – Your natural characteristics that YOU can rely on
  • Caring/Fear/Sexuality/Love – within Relationships whether friendships or intimate

Maximum 8 persons for this style of Reading

Time: 2hrs

So grab a group of friends and lets learn together how to better communicate with each other and take our friendships to the next level!

(This can be done on Location in Melbourne or via online with any location)

Reader: Melina Macdonald – Relationship Human Design Specialist

Melina Macdonald

Human Design and The Liquid Crystals practitioner, Professional Photographer, Bachelor of Business, Dancing Eros assistant facilitator, Author Win the Dating Game.

We have all built our house (ourselves) on rickety foundations and structure as we have been influenced and manipulated by everything surrounding us whether that be our parents, religion, politics, teachers, friends, communities etc. to act a certain way, believe certain things have a particular lifestyle. What is I said is all bullshit? That that’s not you at all!

Being a Human Architect is about getting you back to a solid foundation of who you are under the mask of being everyone else and living everyone else’s life. We strip you back to the floor and start to rebuild you as the TRUE YOU were born to be this lifetime using various modalities such as Human Design, NLP, Liquid Crystals etc.

Hayley Van Cuylenburg

Reiki, Pranic Healing, Indian head massage, reflexology, hot stone healing, intuitive sensual massage journey, Dancing Eros facilitator.

My soul has been driving my life the last 2 years and I have found myself surrendering when my cognitive mind believed that I had surrendered as far as I could possibly go. But like everything, there is always more when you open to it. So basically I have been a servant to my soul.

Music has a way of taking you




Michella Vornavarty

Energy & Emotional Clearing, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Chinese Meridian and Kinesiology , Spiral techniques, Psychic Readings & Mediumship

Michella is a highly skilled intuitive master, receiving guidance and tuning into people’s energy systems. Michella has over 10 years experience working with people helping bring to life their visions, their innate gifts, messages from their soul and other intergalactic beings which surround them.

Her ability to tap into higher guidance and clear blocked and negative energies leaves clients with profound growth. Using a combination of coaching, cards, psychic readings, mediumship and emotion and energy clearing to give you exactly what you need to hear. Whatever the designated message is for you, spirit will work through me to give you exactly what you need in the moment in the best way you need to receive it. Allow Michella to serve you, help you feel more grounded, connected, lighter and clearer.

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