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Secrets of What Men Crave

Women are writing hundreds of articles and calling out to Men of what they want them to be

  • Warriors
  • To Be Present
  • Bold
  • Fearless in ways they have never been

Yet we rarely talk about what Men Crave.
So here is the plea to Women of what Men Crave and John explains each point below in details.
Ladies you will be extremely surprised with what men actually desire 😉

  • Celebrate that we are ‘different’

  • We want less

  • We love range

  • Try to separate the tools that you use to succeed in business from the tools you use in our relationships

  • We want more of your fear, pain, vulnerability and your heart ache so we come be your hero

  • Find something in us everyday you trust implicitly

  • Surrender

  • Find ways to open and move your body

  • Slow down

  • Don’t settle for our bullshit

  • Love us with the same energy of when your angry

  • Train us and reward us

  • We are dying to love you well

  • Rinse & repeat what works for us

  • You have every right to be angry

  • We want to Create with you


With the overwhelming questions and feedback received from the video above, they recorded the video below to discuss these topics and more. Watch below to learn more.

Re-post from: JOHN WINELAND
Video credit: JOHN WINELAND

10 September is World SUICIDE Prevention Day so here at IntimacyTV we felt it was important this year to do a magazine all things Men.

Men are hands down my favourite topic. As these beautiful divine creatures have copped some serious flack with the #metoo movement I believed it was high time we spend some energy looking at how we ladies, friends & family can support our men better with suicide rates hitting the all time high of over 13% in Australia alone.

Here is the deal, we always look at the same old boring methods to deal with our issues with the same shitty outcome. So this month lets explore some great Male coaches, mentors, experts, groups and as I say…STOP playing Rinse & Repeat. If you do the same thing you get the same outcome!

Jam packed with Hints and Tips, Raw conversations, Alternate methods to deal with Anxiety, Depression, Suicide Prevention, Health, Dating, Love & Relationships.

So IntimacyTV brings you September the month of All Things Men.

Its all about;
* Dating Survival Tips
* Male Vulnerability
* The way to a Man’s Heart
* What Men Crave
* Suicide Prevention
and The Art Of Edging!

So strap in for an unique education and raw conversation. SURRENDER TO THE UNKNOWN KNOWLEDEGE and embrace the new!

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Grab your FREE monthly magazine from IntimacyTV where we cover a range of hot, sensitive and taboo topics of Love, Sex, Dating & Relationships