Human Design Advanced

//Human Design Advanced

Human Design Advanced



Designed for those wanting to TAKE IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL.

This is ADVANCED Human Design Chart work and perfect for those who have a love for Astrology, have basic knowledge of Human Design and Gene Keys and have already had their chart read. This is the most enlightening and exciting deep dive into self and quite informative as you peel back the layers to fully understand how you tick.

We will look at each individual component in your personal chart and deep dive into each section slowly over 4-5 sessions.


In this package we will go deeper into YOUR:

  • Personal Planets – 11 planets, North and South Nodes, Kiron
  • Unconscious Gates – Life Purpose
  • Conscious Gates – Souls Purpose
  • Challenges and Gifts Purpose
  • Incarnation Cross
  • Life’s Purpose Gates
  • Stages – What decade you are currently in and its affects to your partnership, love, physical, financial and love
  • Create a NEW STORY of your life

Additional information

Birth Name

Name as per Birth Certificate Spelling

Birth Date

On birth certificate

Birth Place

City and Country

Birth Time

as accurate as possible


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