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In Order To Change The World You Must Accept That You'll Be Crucified

As you may know... people fear public speaking more than death itself. but why is that? Well because in our mind we associate public speaking with death.. but not only death... being shamed, stoned and beaten to death by everybody we love. Sounds kinda drastic? Sure... but it's true. Back in medieval times if you didn't follow along the [...]

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Emotional Incest Syndrome

“One of the most pervasive, traumatic, and damaging dynamics that occurs in families in this dysfunctional, emotionally dishonest society is emotional incest. It is rampant in our society but there is still very little written or discussed about it.” Robert Burney M.A. Impacts of Emotional Incest A child in theseI first came across this topic [...]

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Journey To Reclaim My Voice

Warning Raw and Personal!! Read with caution... I have been on the most painful journey of my life to reclaim my voice that was stolen from me when I was 5 years old in shocking sexual abuse trauma. This has been the biggest violation to my little girl and some- thing that made the innocence [...]

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Fact Versus Fiction: Female Masturbation

Fact Versus Fiction: Female Masturbation While we’re certain you’ve been celebrating either way, it might be news to you that May is National Masturbation Month. So in honor of the month of May, we’re here to shine a light on some commonly-held misconceptions of ladies’ self-fulfillment – pay attention, gentlemen.   90% of women masturbate. [...]

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25 Reasons To Love Yourself Fully And Wholeheartedly

Loving yourself fully and wholeheartedly is one of the hardest things a human being can experience and it is an ongoing journey that never ends. We are awesome at giving to everyone but ourselves. We are brilliant at having compassion and empathy for others, but we constantly beat ourselves up everyday. We constantly fear we [...]

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Feeling & Releasing Emotion

  FEELING AND RELEASING EMOTION AND THE MOST REAL CONSCIOUS EXPERIENCE IN LIFE AVAILABLE. Hi everyone. I’m thinking about how I’m going to write this. Herein lies my first lesson passed on from my experience. STOP THINKING. Thinking is suffering. The deeper you think, the deeper you will suffer. The head doesn’t have the answers. [...]

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How To Bring Out Your Magnetic Charisma Within

  This is a story of when I first discovered the deep magnetic charisma within…. And it’s what will help you become a pure natural at dating even if you had a very socially awkward past. .. “Uncle Brandon can you read us a bedtime story???” Here we go….  Once Upon A Time Not Long [...]

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Concepts Of A Fit Male

As a man, I feel we as the male species have moved well away from our primal instinctual behaviours and moved into reactionary fearful behaviours. We are generally hard-wired to be hunters and protectors, not dominators and controllers. In my last 30 years as an adult male, I have been through the spectrum of fears [...]

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Our thoughts control how we act, feel and see the world. What we mostly think about is what owns us- if we constantly concentrate on the negative sides of our lives, that’s exactly what we’ll attract and manifest. The opposite is also true – the more we surround ourselves with positivity, the more of that we’ll find. [...]

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Controversy about Fifty Shades baffling when cheating websites exists!

Ok so here I am at 1am with late night TV playing in the background while I work when I am distracted by a bunch of guys singing a very catchy tune. “I’m looking for someone other then my wife. Other then my wife. Other then my wi..i..ife” I look up to see an advert [...]

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