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Don’t Be Anal About Anal: How To Prepare For Anal Sex!

Anal sex! Such a taboo topic! Though, as a waxing technician, the anal area is treated with precious care. “Please turn to your side and hold your cheek up high, while I slide warm wax to your butthole.” It’s just another day at the office for me. In these positions, anal sex comes up in [...]

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Straight Talk with Jane and Melina

Q: Caught up talking to an ex? Dated someone for 14 months, thought she might be the one again somewhere down the road. Thought I did it all. Open car doors, doors, help with coat/jacket, helped her around her house, washed the dishes after dinner so she can relax, was there for her emotionally and physically, [...]

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More Taboo Fantasies

By  Tracy Louise Let’s Look at The Forbidden, Swinging and Infidelity. The Forbidden In the 1970s and 1980s, we had the works of Father Andrew Greeley and Colleen McCullough with their tormented men of the cloth.   What is more sexually frustrating than something you cannot have?  Someone else’s wife/boyfriend/daughter - Priest!   … What is more [...]

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IntimacyTV Magazine April 2017

You can download the PDF of version of the magazine HERE: IntimacyTV Magazine April IntimacyTV April 17 issue where we cover a range of topics of dating, sex and intimacy You can check our previous magazine issues HERE Click Here For Your FREE Monthly Magazine Delivered Straight To Your Inbox

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Taboo Intimacy hits the stands

Taboo Intimacy hits the stands Taboo Intimacy Interviewed by Synergy Magazine Owner Melina Macdonald talks to Adult Industry Leading Magazine Synergy on why their Taboo Intimacy range is unique within the adult industry. Unlike other companies that guarantee an orgasm, Taboo Intimacy offers an option for connection. With the 5 senses and a guided experience, [...]

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