Human Design Intermediate

//Human Design Intermediate

Human Design Intermediate



Designed for the AUDITORY & VISUAL

For those looking for to go deeper into your chart to get to the nitty gritty of what really makes you tick, what you can call on at any given time to give you guaranteed clarity.

  • 90 Minute Zoom video focusing on vital parts of your design
  • PDF printable personalised Human Design Manual (approx. 50-100 pages)
  • Include important Gates Key Notes & Channels
  • Look at how you Love and Operate Sexually
  • How you Care & Fear


Great to keep listening to over and over again and will keep you busy for months until you gain the fundamentals.

  • 30 Minute Mp3 Audio Recording YOUR Personalised Human Design Reading
  • Cover 12 aspect points within your design chart


In this package we will go deeper into YOUR:

  • Human Design picture graph of your design
  • Liquid Crystal Name Card and Tree of Life Path images
  • Name – Life Purpose and Life Path Reading utilising Liquid Crystal
  • Type – Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, Manifestor or Reflector
  • Strategy – YOUR personality type
  • Aura – How YOUR energy works around other people
  • Inner Authority – How to make wiser decisions for YOU
  • Open Centers – Unconscious components in YOUR way from life success
  • Defined Centers – Your natural characteristics that YOU can rely on
  • Your Profile – YOUR primary way of being & orientation in life
  • Gates – We will look at YOUR most important Gates, Sun and Earth
  • Incarnation Cross – YOUR Life’s purpose
  • Power Channels – understand how your power centers work to stop burnout
  • Sexuality/Sensuality – Briefly covers how YOUR language of love works for intimacy
  • Caring/Fear – Briefly covers what holds YOU back in Life and Love
  • Love Gates – Briefly covers ways in which you love whether that be ‘Through’ (spiritually) another that brings you to a higher place or/and what you think of love ‘With’ another
  • Weight – food, energy, eating and how it affects YOUR body
  • Colors – Motivation, Perspective, Health, Environment, Variables (cognition) *Note this is only available to those who exact time of birth)

Additional information

Birth Name

Name as per Birth Certificate Spelling

Birth Date

On birth certificate

Birth Place

City and Country

Birth Time

as accurate as possible


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