Liquid Crystal Sleep Drops

//Liquid Crystal Sleep Drops

Liquid Crystal Sleep Drops



20ml Bottle

This remedy induces Deep Sleep, aids in Dream Memory and removes Mind chatter.

Includes one 20ml Remedy Liquid Crystals (shipping within Australia. International Rates will apply)



Crystals Included:

1) Howlite – Calms and Soothes the Emotional and Physical Body, Keystone in the treatment of Insomnia, Astral Projection.

2) Amethyst – Protection during Sleep, Facilitates Memory of dreams, calming, Induces a Calm Meditative space.

3) Charoite – Induces Deep Sleep, Treats Insomnia, Removes Fears of the Sleep state at the conscious and subconscious levels of the self Induces Sleep in Children.

4) Botswana Agate – Oxygenation, Grounding, Frees the mind of set behaviours.

5) Apophylite – Induces Dreams and the remembering of them. Facilitates Astral Projection and removes the fears of it.

6) Fluorite – Calms the Mind to Sleep and Rest. Removes Mental Disorganization bringing peace.

7) Hematite – Active Hematite Shield for Protection, Security and Grounding.


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