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LELO Tips – Sex on a Plane

Ever feel all been-there, done-that towards sex? The Kama Sutra reads like a Dr. Seuss book. You’ve mastered sex in every room of the house, and you’ve even gotten away with having sex in public and traveling with your toys. You’ve tried it all, right? Not so fast. Because until you’ve had airplane sex, you’re [...]

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Seniors Are Going Online To Talk About Sex, And More Things You Didn’t Know About Grandparents Hooking Up

By AMANDA CHATEL If you think you stop having sex when you get older, you’re very, very wrong. Not only do studies show that sex gets better with age, but new research has confirmed that seniors are using the Internet to talk about sex. Yes, in between all those comments that don’t really make much sense [...]

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Give Good Sext: Our Best Sexting Examples

Isn’t technology great? In 2013, not only can we be completely nude with people thousands of miles away (we’re talking about skype sex, of course), we can also send steamy messages to each other -- even nude pictures -- any time we want.

 According to our data, millions of people practice the joy of sext – [...]

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6 Fascinating Ways Technology Is Changing Our Sex Lives

Over the last few years, we have increasingly incorporated technology into our sex lives. For instance, people are using cameras and computers to create their own amateur porn and share it with the world, they’re engaging in cybersex and sexting, and they’re using apps with GPS functionality to locate nearby sex partners. However, these are [...]

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