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Creating Energy Flows

So you want to know how to pull energy? Guess what, you’re already doing it! You can’t exist without pulling energy. But you want to be better at it? You want to pull energy stronger? There’s really no easy answer or short cut. It takes daily practice, until you, literally, become a tornado like pull [...]

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How to Survive COVID-19 and Thrive through 2020

Currently there is a lot of uncertainty and fear around the world regarding COVID-19 so here is what to do in order to avoid exposure and promote your health and safety. Firstly, what does COVID-19 stand for and how does it compare to Seasonal Influenza? COVID-19 is a portmanteau, when broken down, CO=Corona, VI=Virus D=Disease [...]

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  Last night was my first Tinder fuck.     First, as in, I have never used the app to invite a man over purely for sex.   But I really, REALLY needed it.   Long story short it was awesome, and the sex was amazing lol…   But something happened during sex that night [...]

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4 Principles To Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur

  Entrepreneurs unite! We all have a few things in common, and curiosity is one of them. Without it, we can become stagnant once the industry starts to change, new ideas surface and if we don’t listen to our clients needs and wants we feel the pinch of being left behind. I have felt the effects [...]

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Secrets of What Men Crave

Women are writing hundreds of articles and calling out to Men of what they want them to be Warriors To Be Present Bold Fearless in ways they have never been Yet we rarely talk about what Men Crave. So here is the plea to Women of what Men Crave and John explains each point below [...]

16 Dating Survival Tips

16 Tips For Men To Make It To Their Second Date! Men your sitting asking yourself why you can never get to that eluded second date? You seem to always have a one strike rate and then that’s it. She disappears and you never see her again. You believe you’re a great guy, your mates [...]

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9 Tips on Male Vulnerability

The Oxford Dictionary defines vulnerability as “The quality or state of being exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally.” Indeed, “vulnerability” sounds very scary. Layer on top, societal pressures on men to be seen as stoic, infallible, seemingly invincible, a pillar of strength—particularly in front of women—and it becomes [...]

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Ways To A Man's Heart

Remember that song by American comedy troupe The Lonely Island, featuring singer Justin Timberlake, ‘Dick In A Box’?  It debuted on the show Saturday Night Live in 2006. I was in my late twenties and didn’t really understand the humour.  I hadn’t experienced what it was like for a man wanting to stick his dick into [...]