Last night was my first Tinder fuck.     First, as in, I have never used the app to invite a man over purely for sex.   But I really, REALLY needed it.   Long story short it was awesome, and the sex was amazing lol…   But something happened during sex that night [...]

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Secrets of What Men Crave

Women are writing hundreds of articles and calling out to Men of what they want them to be Warriors To Be Present Bold Fearless in ways they have never been Yet we rarely talk about what Men Crave. So here is the plea to Women of what Men Crave and John explains each point below [...]

16 Dating Survival Tips

16 Tips For Men To Make It To Their Second Date! Men your sitting asking yourself why you can never get to that eluded second date? You seem to always have a one strike rate and then that’s it. She disappears and you never see her again. You believe you’re a great guy, your mates [...]

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Tips to Master Edging

Orgasm Denial 101   Reposted and written by littlemisssubshine: Disclaimer: This was originally written for my husband to understand what orgasm denial is, and all the things he needed to know to participate in my own denial. Thus it’s written for a man, from a woman. I’ll try to cover some things for you men [...]

A Tantric Approach to Valentine’s Day

As a Tantra teacher and somatic sexologist I often notice with couples I’m blessed and honoured to guide—particularly those who’ve been in a long-term relationship—romance and passion has waned. However, it does not have to be that way at all. Every day can have a Valentine’s Day flavor once you ignite the flame of passion [...]

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Valentines Day Merry Go Round

Here we go again, on the Valentine’s Day merry-go-round. Do we celebrate or not? I surveyed my friends and, surprisingly, the general consensus from both genders was that we shouldn’t need a day to show our love for someone. I couldn’t agree more- I’ve always been of the opinion that every day is the perfect [...]

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Hungry Dics Horny Pics & Erotic Stories

Back in the olden days you would hear of stories of a man walking the streets in a long overcoat flashing women here and there for the joy of it. It would always give a reaction of either curiosity or disgust when told to women. Well with the new age of modern technology now the [...]

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Despite so much ‘awareness’ people become overwhelmed and confused. Overwhelm leads to non action. People do not understand the specific definition of abuse and start listing the types of abuse. Most people don’t know all 17 types. You are at risk of abuse, or not recognising abuse in those you love, if you only identify abuse [...]

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