So you want to know how to pull energy?

Guess what, you’re already doing it!

You can’t exist without pulling energy. But you want to be better at it? You want to pull energy stronger? There’s really no easy answer or short cut. It takes daily practice, until you, literally, become a tornado like pull wherever you go.

In a business meeting, Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness®, will sit back and listen to everybody and then he’ll do something as simple as leaning forward, and he has such a massive pull of energy that he gets everybody’s attention. Likewise, you can feel Dr Dain Heer, the co-creator of Access Consciousness®, when he enters a room, even if you can’t see him, because he pulls so much energy. That’s the sort of presence that creates worlds with ease.

How do you pull energy? You just do.

Do the energy flows daily,24/7, non stop.

Action #1. Start a daily practice now.

Ask your being to pull energy to you, through you. It’s not something you do with your head. It’s not something you have to see (but if you do see energy, that’s an added bonus; a gift). You do it with your being.

What would it take for you to pull energy with total ease?

Start by removing all of your barriers and expanding your energy out into the far reaches of the universe. Now, pull energy to you, through you; from in front of you and behind you, from both sides, from above you and below you. Ask it to pull stronger and just sit with this for a while. This could even be a good time to say the Access mantra, ‘all of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory’. If you do this every day, it won’t be long before you are an energy puller of magnitude!

Now, how can you use this new strength to create more ease in your life?

Action #2. Use energy pulls to attract that which you truly desire into your life.

Start by asking ‘what do I truly desire?’

Ask this multiple times a day. The question itself is an energy pull! But it will also give you an awareness of what you want to add to

your life and focus your attention in the direction of what you truly desire; not what others desire, not your partner, kids, parents, or boss.

Then, you can add the energy ball to your daily energy pull practice. Place a ball of energy in front of you and pull energy from all over the universe, from every direction, to the ball and then to and through you. Keep pulling and add to the ball everything that you truly desire. Keep pulling the energy until you feel a shift within you; a bit like your heart opening up. Then you can stop.

Action #3. Create energy flows by removing barriers.

If you remove your barriers, you allow others to remove their barriers and thus create greater connections with people by allowing the energy to flow. So pushing your barriers down creates more ease. People will actually desire to work with you. Desire to contribute to you. Desire to gift to you. It’s about removing your barriers and creating connections from a really different space. Say in your mind or out loud barriers down, barriers down barriers down all levels, layers, lifetimes, dimensions & realities barriers down.


Action #4. Use energy pulls to manipulate specific situations, or people, to your advantage.

Consider a business meeting where you have to deal with a colleague who has their barriers up to what you are saying; for example, they have a ‘prove it to me’ barrier. What can you do? If you keep pushing your information at them, you won’t get very far at all.

Again, start by removing all of your barriers. You create this sense with your barriers down where you know what to do and what is required; whether to pull energy, flow energy, whatever. So, when you’re doing business, put your barriers down and be willing to be vulnerable.

Now, pull energy from them, to you, and through you. When you do that, you start to create this flow with them.

With people who are more ‘sitting on the fence’, flow energy to them, through them and then back to you.

When dealing with people who suck in energy to get your attention, these are the people who after spending time in their presence you’re exhausted. What you have to do is flow energy to them & keep flowing it, in huge amounts, massive amounts of

energy to them until they stop sucking & your heart area opens up & warms up, then pull & create a flow between the two of you.

Then you have the ‘pushers’, which is when people push energy at you, like car salesmen.

In this situation you pull masses amounts of energy from them, then flow energy back to them, to start that connection.

Energy pulls are a way of manipulating what can show up, but you have to be willing to be all of the energy pulls. They will create a lot more ease for you.

You don’t have to stand there going ‘okay, what is this? This one’s a pusher, this one’s a sucker, what do I do?’. It’s the awareness. Just ask to be whatever energy flow is required, until everybody is connected to you, whatever you’re doing, whether it’s in the office place, people you work with, people you haven’t yet met that you’re maybe negotiating a deal with, or your family, whoever it is.

And if anyone owes you money, see them standing before you & pull massive amounts of universal energy through them, through you & loop it around through them, through you & keep looping it around.

State clearing message

“I will keep pulling energy until you pay me what you owe”

It works, try it!

So play with it.

Push all your barriers down and play with the energy flows every day.

These tools are from Access Consciousness

and they work! 🙂

Donna Boyd-Owens
Access Bars

Donna has worked in holistic medicine for nearly 20 years as a qualified Massage teacher, Reiki master and now an Access Bars practitioner.Access Bars is a gentle hands-on modality of 32 unique points on the head that correlate to different areas and aspects of life. During an Access Bars session, Donna gently touches these points to release the electromagnetic charge of all thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions, and beliefs that have limited you in reaching your full potential in life. Donna also offers Access Energetic Facelift sessions to restore, enliven and rejuvenate your body’s cells transforming limiting energies and judgements that get stuck in your face, head, chest and body. This process assists in reversing the signs of ageing. Now who would like that!

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