Hotter Sex Life For The Modern Women

  - Are you in a relationship that has lost its spark and is lacking sex/intimacy? - Are you sexually frustrated and want to know how you can feel more sexually empowered & satisfied? - Would you like to know how to add more spice and variety into the bedroom? If you say YES to [...]

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The 3 Stages of Relationship & Why Most Relationships Fail

Statistics show that around 50% of marriages end in divorce (this has not included the number of unfulfilling relationships & separations). 60% of second marriages also ends in divorce while about 70% of third marriages also have the same ending. So why is that, you may ask? Why is it that we have such high [...]

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The Fine Line Between Friends/Family and Enabler

Over the last 44 years of my life there are been numerous times where I've been put in a position to really contemplate my values, my beliefs and my perspective on situations. Whenever I've been put in a position where my close friends or a loved one has asked me to support them, will be [...]

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Walking the Love Map as a Tantric Body Worker and Guide

Some of you may know I have been walking the 'Love Map'... embracing the journey of present and intentional dating for some time now... So far I have been on about 7 dates. Most of them have been really positive. ALL of them have offered me Gold! It is a curious adventure and very confronting [...]

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