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IntimacyTV Magazine July 17

This July welcomes a new chapter for the financial year and at the same time, celebrating all the progresses, achievements, success as well as failures we have had in the last 12 months. The thing is most people avoid failure at all cost, they rather stay in the comfort zone so that nothing changes. [...]

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About Nehanda Yemaya Rusere

What are you passionate about? I am Passionate about qutum healing ,self love, sensuality, embodiment and creative empowerment. A typical day I would have to say most of my days are quite varied as I travel a lot for my work and it depends on what activities I have. However, on average I will always [...]

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Reclaim Your Personal Power

Starting over is like starting from scratch, isn’t it? Well, it doesn’t have to be. It all depends on your perspective. I, for one, choose not to see it that way. It doesn’t have to feel as though your life until that point has been a waste, because it hasn’t been. But that’s your choice. [...]

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My Secret, Why My Life is Better Now That My Husband is DEad

It’s strange, but Alec and I used to talk about what would happen if the other one died. Those conversations always brought me to tears. These days my life is a fantastic concoction of gratitude, surprise and optimism. I can barely believe that my life is better now that my husband is dead. I found [...]

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Lies, Deceit, and A Random Comment

People make the world go round. Rather, connection with people does. I believe we are all longing, searching and dreaming for intimate connection – something that makes us feel like we are seen, heard and acknowledged exactly as we are.  But the truth of it is, that people will only see you, as much as [...]

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Starting Over after a Toxic or Abusive Relationship

How can we date differently without going to the complete opposite, because opposites can get us caught in something equally disappointing or heartbreaking. Which part of you wants to put yourself out there? The part that is ready, or the lonely part? Follow this checklist to your resourced and confident self! Learn the specific definition [...]

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The Daunting Idea of Starting Over

Do you feel like your career is not really going anywhere and more often than not you’re counting down the minutes until you can get out of there? So many people choose to stay in unfulfilling jobs, even though they know there is something better waiting. So what is the first step to “starting over”? [...]

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