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Why New Year's Resolutions Are a Waste of Time

It's January, and that means another New Year's Eve has come and gone. By my reckoning, I could throw a stone and hit someone who's already given up on their resolution. You and I are surrounded by people who are desperately trying to keep it up, or who didn't give it a second thought once [...]

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Warning To Women in Australia Thinking About Breast Implantation

Every single woman in Australia who elects to undertake breast implantation automatically relinquishes her basic human rights: to determine what shall be done with her body and to obtain an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment should she join the ever-increasing numbers of women who become very ill following breast implantation. Australian Freedom of Information law [...]

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Increase Your Manifesting Power With This Simple Exercise

Would you like to know one little change you can make to dramatically increase your manifesting power? Whether you're looking to manifest more love, more financial abundance, more freedom, more opportunities, there is one simple thing you can start doing today to attract these things into your life. In this email I'm sharing with you a simple exercise you can [...]

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Roller Coaster Ride from Hell; The Emotional Journey When Supporting a Loved One with Cancer

I stopped a cycle being repeated last night.   I was walking around the house picking up toys, making sure the rooms were neat and tidy.  I was sorting out the washing between darks and whites, getting ready for Laundry day today.  I cleaned out the fridge, looked at all expiration dates and tossed out what [...]

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My Lessons in Gratitude

Today I was asked to write an article on my favourite topic gratitude. I wasn't always a grateful person.  I used to be an ungrateful, self-righteous, self absorbed, needy, insecure young woman.  I used to ask “What do I have to be grateful for?” when the bills were piling up my house was being repossessed, [...]

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Too Grumpy To Feel Grateful?

Too grumpy to feel Grateful?  Try a little appreciation instead. Don’t you hate it when someone says to you how important it is to feel gratitude when you’re right in the middle of feeling sorry for yourself or blaming the world for your woes? You’re like ‘Do you mind not interrupting me, can’t you see [...]

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The Number 1 Reason Why Most Relationships Fail

"Relationship never dies a natural death…They are murdered by Ego, Attitude and Ignorance..." - Unknown I see it all the time, working with my clients…Couples who have been together for a while suddenly find themselves disconnected and distant from each other. Fights, arguments and bickering happen left, right and center. Tension escalates and sex/intimacy falls [...]

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