Too grumpy to feel Grateful?  Try a little appreciation instead.
Don’t you hate it when someone says to you how important it is to feel gratitude when you’re right in the middle of feeling sorry for yourself or blaming the world for your woes?
You’re like ‘Do you mind not interrupting me, can’t you see I’m in the fully invested in my blame and self pity and I don’t want to hear any of your namby pamby spiritual advice right now? So bugger off and leave me to wallow in my well-honed misery thank you very much!
Maybe you haven’t, maybe you’re just a divine ball of permanently glowing love and gratitude which is wonderful, in which case feel free to float off right now so you can keep bringing your effervescent light to the world.
If you can relate though, even just a little, then read on.
Of course if they do leave you alone you should feel enormously grateful as you just got what you asked for, but maybe let’s not push our luck….or can we?
We’ve all been told that love and gratitude are the fundamental principles of a truly happy life. I don’t know about you, but gratitude is not the easiest thing to access as a feeling at least not quickly and consistently, although it definitely gets easier with practice and intention.
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I used to struggle with all this too at times, even though by nature I’m a pretty glass half full, love people and life kind of person. Then someone suggested that it’s a whole lot easier to start by tuning in to the feeling of appreciation, which ultimately paves the way to that deeper sense of love and gratitude.
This you can do and hopefully you’re already doing it all the time, whether you’re conscious of it or not, because you can appreciate even the smallest of things.
All through your day there are things, people, events that you may be feeling appreciative of. A really great cup of coffee, someone stopping to let you cross the road, a flourish of bougainvillea you saw on the way to work and so on.
So why not try this right now as you read this or the moment you finish?
Think of something you can feel appreciation of really easily, it could be that exceptional cup of coffee this morning, an amazing sunset you saw recently, your own health and vitality or the great sex you had last night. It really doesn’t matter so go for the first thing that comes to you and feels easy to access.
It’s easier when you’re sitting quietly and can shut your eyes. Find where that feeling, thought or image is for you in your mind or body and when you do tune in and then start expanding it out to fill your whole body.
Imagine it permeating every cell in your body, expanding into your arms and legs, your fingers and toes, your head and back, everywhere. You can even expand the feeling out beyond your body like an all-encompassing field of energy.
As you bathe in this feeling or state you are actually accessing that sometimes illusive feeling of gratitude and from there you can bring it all back in and come back to your body and the here and now.
Remember to smile and breathe and if you have a moment, write down at least three things you feel grateful for, more if you are inspired to.
Congratulations! You are now a Zen Master in a state of appreciation and gratitude that will help you float through your day bringing more of what you want to do, be and have in your life including really delicious coffee!
Dr Anton Gillezeau
Chiropractor, Intuitive Coach,
Speaker and writer’ at LifeDesign