Tips to beat the relocation blues

Starting over in a new country takes a lot of heart and guts. But if you’ve done it, and if you’re in Australia, you’re in for a treat!! Congrats on that, by the way! You’ve been so brave making a huge decision to leave your home land, and then to pick a new country, and [...]

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"In Australia, 1 in 12 girls are sexually abused before they are six years old."   A recent interview about CONSENT (in response to Saxon Mullins' 4Corners program) has caused outrage all over social media and media networks in Australia. The trolling has got soo out-of-hand that the ABC had to take down the full [...]

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7 Tips of a Self-Confessed 'Bully'

When I was in primary school, we had an ethnic boy who was really ‘disruptive’- which is one of the words frequently used back then to describe children such as he. He was naughty, and seemed to be of limited vocabulary which consisted mostly of the word 'caca', and he did all sorts of things [...]

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Breastfeeding Rites of Passage; Celebrations and Grieving

We live in a society that is geared to achieve and strive and do, without pausing and reflecting and celebrating. In the past, I did the same. When we don’t pause or grieve or celebrate, we devoid life of meaning… In a society that has forgotten how to celebrate rites of passage, it takes a [...]

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Letting Go of Mother Guilt

The variety of what we choose to feel guilty about as mothers is extensive. It could include things like not being able to breastfeed, going away for the weekend, spending money on ourselves, locking the bathroom door while we pee, and so many more.  Almost all these things could loosely be put under the headings [...]

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Growing Pains With Your Teenager

Living with a teenager at the best of times is never an easy task. Their hormones are raging; they are constantly being triggered, they are trying to conform and find their power and are constantly feeling judged by their peers, family and other kids. They feel afraid, misinterpreted, isolated and sometimes out of control as [...]

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A Compromised but Resilient Generation; When Opportunity, Education and Abundance is not Enough

  As caring parents our purpose is to provide the love, environment, and structure necessary to support the healthy upbringing of the children we bring to the world, thus giving them a strong foundation and fair chance at life.  Sometimes we think that providing all the economic advantages available is the gateway to a successful [...]

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