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Straight Talk with Jane and Melina

Q: Caught up talking to an ex? Dated someone for 14 months, thought she might be the one again somewhere down the road. Thought I did it all. Open car doors, doors, help with coat/jacket, helped her around her house, washed the dishes after dinner so she can relax, was there for her emotionally and physically, [...]

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25 Reasons To Love Yourself Fully And Wholeheartedly

Loving yourself fully and wholeheartedly is one of the hardest things a human being can experience and it is an ongoing journey that never ends. We are awesome at giving to everyone but ourselves. We are brilliant at having compassion and empathy for others, but we constantly beat ourselves up everyday. We constantly fear we [...]

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How to Sail Through Menopause Without HRT in 4 Simple Steps

As an Oncology Nurse, I find the area of Menopause one of the all time toughest areas to navigate when making a decision on how to relieve symptoms. I have talked to experts and dove deep with the latest research to produce the 4 simple steps to help you survive the change. I work with [...]

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Three Ways for Mum’s to Reclaim their Money Mojo

Let me cut to the chase – having children is friggin expensive, exhausting and draining as well as exciting and fulfilling. I know: I’ve had two and aged more in 20 years than I care to admit! As mothers the juggle of motherhood and money can be extremely challenging.  Reduced income coming into the household, [...]

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Pampering Ideas for Mothers Using the Power of Scent

By Julie Nelson The most important thing for you as a mother is to create and give yourself some sacred space and time. Doing this will assist in replenishing your emotional, physical and spiritual energy. Below I offer you a handful of essential oils to enjoy a sacred bath or create your own room spray. [...]

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Preventing Childhood Sexual Abuse

I educate families and professionals in preventing childhood sexual abuse.  When I tell people what I do, it often brings up a lot of different feelings for them.  In my workshops with parents, guardians and professionals, I do touch on tragic facts such as; 1 in 5 Australian children experience some sort of childhood sexual [...]

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Mum, what is your marriage really teaching your kids?

I am a mother of two daughters a 17 year old and 12 year old, and for many years I had held on to the guilt within me for the not so perfect marriage I had been displaying before my girls. And while I believe I have raised my girls to be conscious, having always [...]

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Love Yourself More (Often)

Finally the countries largest study of sexual activity and attitudes, which was released on Friday, has found that Australians have gone for more quality then quantity. Conclusions by the University of NSW after interviewing more than 200,000 people showed it to be both a great and disappointing report. This is the second Australian Study of [...]

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