The power of Social Media and how if adults are doing this can you imagine what your kids are going through.
Does this image offend you? Debbie_2 (1)
Well when I posted it on Social Media this is a PM Comment I received.
“Oh Debbie, there is no denying you look good in this photo, a photo which none of us should be looking at. It is sad that you are publicly focusing on your image and not your identity, as a woman and a serious business woman. Did you really intend to post this for all your business associates and would be associates to look at??
I won’t go into the psychology behind what this post means, but I will say that it is sad to see this. Research the psychological reasons people purposefully post revealing pictures of themselves on social media for the whole world to see. You can never erase it now even if you delete it… it is on the web forever.
If you met an international client tomorrow, and you wanted them to see you as a serious business woman… they would absolutely do a background and web check on you, would you want them to see this? Would they take you seriously after seeing you publicly showing your stomach rolls, undies, legs spread… is this the image you want for yourself?? The first photo in the dress was sensational, if only you hadn’t felt the need to go this far.
I have admired your determination to pave a path for yourself in the very difficult but lucrative world of beauty products and empowering women to believe in themselves… then you post this? We all have self-esteem issues stemming from one trauma or another, it is just sad to see all your hard work over the years reduced to this photo of yourself in underwear.
By now you are thinking that I am just berating you and being nasty, but it is the total opposite, you have always impressed me and I was shattered to see you post this. I wish you only the best and hope that you get the epiphany of this. You can hate me if you want, makes no difference at all to the fact that you have done this, read up on it, don’t take my word for it. Xx”
MY Story, Looking fabulous at 57 years young.
REINVENT YOURSELF’ my journey started January 2014 when I had an ‘AFFAIR’. I was in a marriage with NO passion, love, respect and I was miserable. So I had “BEST LOVE AFFAIR” with myself and still am today 22nd April 2017.
I realised that NO man can fill my LOVE tank, only I can do this and a man will top it up.
Each day when I wake up my mind turns on to an “I am alive, I am alert and I feel great”. I PUSH myself to step up in business, market the many elements of my business with no hand out from anyone. Not many businesses last 2 years and MY skincare company has been online for 10 years!
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Debbie Majella Nola
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