Do you feel like your career is not really going anywhere and more often than not you’re counting down the minutes until you can get out of there? So many people choose to stay in unfulfilling jobs, even though they know there is something better waiting.
So what is the first step to “starting over”? The very first step is to accept that you are not starting over; even it might feel like that.  You see; much like how a bank applies compounding interest on the money in your savings account, every single person has compounding life experience and professional experience. Everything you’ve studied, worked with, managed and been involved in has given you a range of valuable experiences, you just have not learned to see some of those as highly valuable! And guess what – if you don’t value this compounding effect in your skillset, no one else will either.
We never start from scratch, even if we might be heading into something unfamiliar.
How do I find my passion then?
There are many great tools you can use and unpack together with a career coach, but first I would encourage you to put all your pressures and “I should” items aside and allow some creative space.
One thing that will get you started is what I call the magic triangle. The triangle is based on 3 equally important corners:

  1. something you are naturally good at
  2. something that is fun and
  3. something that challenges and stretches you.

The triangle needs all 3 sides and together they make up your sweet spot.
How do you bridge the financial gap? This is a tricky one for most people! I started my own business a few years ago whist working full time in another job and studying part time in the evenings. It basically follows 2 very simple principles: A) You have to really want it and B) you have to spend less than you earn. Most people can actually find both time and money if they just get creative. The key is to be willing to be a bit uncomfortable for a short while for the long-term gain. Great change and growth will never happen in your current comfort zone!
The 3 best tips to help you get started:

  •         Rate on a scale from 1 – 10 (1 = I want to leave my job tomorrow and 10 = I love what I do) where you are currently at. Be honest with yourself here!
  •         Do the magic triangle exercise: on a blank paper create 3 columns. In 1 you write every single thing you’re good at, in 2 you write down as many things as possible that you find fun and enjoyable and in 3 you write down some of the key things in the past that have really helped you grown and evolve (even if it was hard at the time). It does not matter if your answers are strictly work related or not -be creative!
  •         Invest in your future and do 1 small thing for you right now! Whether you decide to work with a career coach, buy a new book, sign up for a training or simply talk to someone in HR about internal job transfer opportunities. Do the first thing and start putting it out there that you are looking for the next thing.

Emmy Patterson is an action focused coach and certified NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) practitioner who has worked with people in transition between countries, career changes and challenging life situations since 2013.
She’s a believer in breaking things up into manageable steps, because every single person can benefit and grow from big transitions.
Emmy is originally from Sweden and her travels have taken her across the world including Europe, Asia, the U.S. and the U.K., before she made Australia her home in 2010. Contact her via Facebook (
or her website ( to find out more about her work!
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