What are you passionate about?
I am Passionate about qutum healing ,self love, sensuality, embodiment and creative empowerment.
A typical day
I would have to say most of my days are quite varied as I travel a lot for my work and it depends on what activities I have. However, on average I will always spend time connecting with my inner self and centering through meditation, yoga or time in nature. I also make sure I have a dancing or singing session most days.
The most significant influence in my working career was/is
I have had so many influences/mentors through out my journey and they change depending on what I’m learning and integrating in my life. I consider anyone I look up to and respect has something to teach me.
I’m most proud of
Making a spontaneous decision to quit my career in Information Technology, to follow my dreams, which I didn’t even really know what they were at the time but I just knew life was too short to be unhappy and inauthentic.
One of the most memorable moments was?
My very first experience having Ayaheusca with a trained Shaman in 2012. It was mind blowing. I was never the same again after this experience.
Whats the biggest lesson you learned?
Not being yourself is too big a price in this life. You have to free yourself from yourself.
Whats the biggest challenge you face?
My biggest challenge has been accepting my sensual and sexual expression publically, unashamedly and openly sharing this part of myself having grown up in a very conservative and religious society were women get beaten for wearing mini skirts on the streets. There is a lot of shaming of women and suppression of their sexuality and expression. I still live with the fear of rejection and being ostracized by family and friends. Especially in this modern day and age with social media. You can not hide who you are and live a double life. You just have be authentic.
3 best tips
-Dance and Sing as often as you can.
-Tree Hugging or Earthing to clear your body of anxiety and unwanted negative vibes. Its simple , effective and free
-Be relentless in weeding out negativity and drama in your life.
What is your biggest dream?
To travel the world, speaking, healing and inspiring women from all backgrounds to be the best versions of themselves, so they too may know they are worthy of all that they dream.
What I like best about my job I love the relief, transformation and alignment people experience after working with me. I love watching someone become who they were always meant to be. It makes me feel like I am doing my part to make the world a better place with every person I work with.
My clients also heal me because the people who tend to gravitate towards me have had similar challenges or experiences as me and often it feels like I am seeing my own reflection in another body. Taking up the responsibility to do this kind of work and step up also means I have a duty to be in integrity with myself, always practicing what I preach.
If you weren’t doing this job what would you do instead?
Within my career and life I get to do everything that I love.
There is no choosing, sacrificing or a Plan B.
I just get live my love period!
Nehanda Yemaya Rusere
Healer, Coach, Visionary, Art Model, Dancer, Storyteller and teacher of the Mystical www.nehandalife.com
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