So you think you know all the right spots to turn her on? So you consider yourself a pleasure point pro? Just like men have some unlikely erogenous areas, women also have some secret zones that could do with some teasing to make foreplay even more fantastic, or to focus on during a romantic massage when she just wants a tender touch.

Her Mons

It’s an unfamiliar name for many people, but many more are familiar with the area; the mons pubis is the area directly above her vagina where pubic hair grows. A light touch on this area can be very stimulating sexually, as you tease by getting oh so close to her sweet spot while caressing this often-overlooked zone.

Her Scalp

If the brain is a woman’s biggest erogenous zone, is that why a scalp massage feels so good?
Just kidding (probably). Both men’s and women’s scalps are covered with nerve endings that make them very receptive to touch, and stimulating them the right way will flood your system with feel-good hormones like dopamine and serotonin.  Scalp massages are easiest when the recipient’s hair is dry, when you can trace your fingernails lightly over their skin, or during a shared bath when their hair is thoroughly wet and conditioner is applied for some extra viscosity.

Her Lips

Of course some smooching is a great place to start on the road to her arousal, but even kissing can fall into routine territory if it’s all the same kind of kisses throughout the session. Get things started by tracing a fingertip around the outside of her lips before even starting to kiss, and when you do start with the smooches, vary the strength and intensity, alternating between light, deep, short, long – all kinds.

Her Knees

It may sound ticklish, but the right touch on or behind her knees can send her spiraling into arousal, which is all the better for the gentleman administering said touch.
Light touches or kisses around her kneecap are a good starting point, and it not too ticklish, behind her knees as well. If she is too ticklish for a light touch behind her knees, try a firm touch with a knee rub (don’t forget the massage oil!) that will stimulate this sensitive area without leaving her laughing at every touch.

Her Neck & Shoulders

Between laptop cases, purses, baby bags and gym bags, a woman’s shoulders and neck is under a constant strain, and if there’s one thing that’s better than getting home and putting down your bag, it’s a light touch that’s oothes a sore section. The lightest touch of them all is a kiss, which you can do all along the back of her spine from her hairline to the nape of her neck – throw in some hot breaths and watch her stress (and clothing) melt away in no time!
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