263d2df4e128d2f2b515633549dbe623For thousands of years, people have searched for edible items to guarantee peak sexual performance and pleasure. Ancient Romans swore by hippo snouts, while even now, tiger penis is thought to be a libido booster in China. 
Luckily for you (and the hippos and the tigers), there are healthier and more palatable edibles that give you longer-lasting results than quick-fix aphrodisiacs. Include some of the following foods to reap the rewards of more romantic romps!

Granola Gets the Juices Flowing:

When it comes to sex, blood circulation isn’t just important for men. Between the clitoris and the tissue surrounding the vulva, erectile response is also beneficial for a woman’s sexual experience.
For better blood flow, eat foods like granola, chickpeas, cashews, peanuts, walnuts and root vegetables. They’re all rich in L-Arginine, which improves sexual function by boosting circulation, and thus erectile response.

A Rule of Thumb (and Heart):

Whatever is good for your heart is good for your sexual functions. We avoid saturated fats because they clog arteries, and for the reasons stated above, diminished circulation impedes sexual performance and pleasure.
On the other hand, too little fat can lead to less sexual desire. When fat (the good kind) is processed in the liver, the result is more testosterone (for him) and estrogen (for her). Greater quantities of these hormones dictate the level of your sex drive, and can be achieved by ingesting good fats such as monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. Find both of these healthy fats in salmon, nuts and olive oil for when you need a fried food fix!

Soy: a Girl’s Best Friend:

Upping your soy intake has a number of beneficial effects to your sexual experiences. Soy binds estrogen receptors, which not only helps the vagina to stay lubricated, but also diminishes symptoms of menopause like hot flashes – so pass the tofu!
Guys can also benefit from having a soyfriend, as studies have shown that it keeps the prostate healthy. It is, however, important to mention that this is not for everyone; women with any history of breast cancer should not eat large amounts of soy and other estrogen receptor-binding foods.
Use It, Don’t Lose It:
So now that your diet is optimized for more O’s, what do you do with this newfound fitness? Share it of course!
Eating the proper food is only half the battle when it comes to maintaining your healthy sensuality, so be sure to make good use of it with someone special by adding some of these intimate items to your chef’s kit; you and your partner (not to mention the hippos and tigers) will be glad you did!
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