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We look at your specific talent and skills you were born with to give you guaranteed clarity on the right career and business direction.

This Human Design Business Report is an analysis which remains the same throughout one’s lifetime, regardless of the socialized character of a person. Reality is not every person can do and become anything he or she wants to so we look at assisting you to identify and seek a profession that exactly matches your talents.

Think about how great it would be to find the “right” person for the right job rather than trying to put a square peg in a round hole. This is about identifying your strengths to pursue opportunities and develop your innate talents so work is no longer a struggle or hardship leading to burnout but instead fun, motivating and brings you joy!

You get the recipe right by understanding your natural design and you become more creative and productive in your professional life, which flows straight into money in the bank. 

  • 120 Minute Zoom video focusing on vital parts of your design
  • PDF printable personalised Human Design Manual (approx. 50-100 pages)
  • Include your Genius qualities
  • Include Specific Talent & Skills
  • Your preferred Team Role, Leadership Style
  • How you look at things & are Motivated
  • Environment you work better in
  • Life Purpose
  • Business energy blueprint

For those who have spent time exploring a range of Personality Tests like

  • Myers Briggs
  • Enneagram
  • 16 personalities
  • DISC profile
  • Mind mapping
  • Wealth Dynamics
    understand that all these tests use the MIND. That means that depending on where you are at in your life, your education and mood at the time will affect your results EVERY TIME you do these tests.



In this package we will go deeper into YOUR:

  • Human Design picture graph of your design
  • Type – Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, Manifestor or Reflector
  • Strategy – YOUR personality type
  • Aura – How YOUR energy works around other people
  • Inner Authority – How to make wiser decisions for YOU
  • Talent Profile – whether you identify as value-based, market, client, action, product or resource oriented
  • Co-operation Profile – whether you work better in organizations, networks, communities, partnerships, independent or flexible
  • Prosperity Profile – whether that is influential, existential, sharing, accumulating, investing or independent of resources
  • Preferred Team Role
  • Leadership Style
  • How you are Motivated
  • Perspective on things
  • Roles you suit
  • Business Gates energy Blueprint for Business
  • Power Channels – understand how your power centers work to stop burnout
  • Incarnation Cross – YOUR Life’s purpose
  • Open Centers – Unconscious components in YOUR way from life success
  • Defined Centers – Your natural characteristics that YOU can rely on
  • Your Profile – YOUR primary way of being & orientation in life
  • Gates – We will look at YOUR most important Gates, Sun and Earth

Additional information

Birth Name

Name as per Birth Certificate Spelling

Birth Date

On birth certificate

Birth Place

City and Country

Birth Time

as accurate as possible


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